The Shower Door Experts Process

Shower Door Experts specializes in sales, measurement, and installation of custom shower doors in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. From start to finish, here is a general timeline of how the process unfolds.


Shower Door Experts works closely with contractors, builders, architects, and homeowners during the initial planning stages of the project and will provide suggestions and recommendations for each individual, customized shower door. Whether the project is new construction or renovation, our contributions during this phase can be valuable in providing guidance and insight, as well as preventing unpleasant surprises during the construction phase.


Shower Door Experts can give early quotes and estimates if the client provides us with rough dimensions and a desired hardware finish. This is acquired through the Shower Door Experts Quote Form and sent via our web site or fax. A firm quote, however, can be provided in the form of a sales agreement once a field measurement is performed.


Shower Door Experts requires that all areas the shower enclosure will touch have been tiled before a final field measurement is taken. Once the tile work is complete, our installation technicians will perform a detailed site evaluation. We use accurate measuring tools, including laser levels and measure-fix devises to record the exact measurement for the final shop drawing. The final door or enclosure is only as perfect as the accuracy of the measurement, creating a perfect fit for the custom shower project.

The Sales Agreement

Once Shower Door Experts has taken a precise field measurement, a firm price is provided in the form of a sales agreement. This document is for our respective records and includes information on the shower enclosure, estimated lead time, pricing details, and the terms of sale. A deposit amount will be specified and must be received by Shower Door Experts in order for us to begin production.


Shower Door Experts faxes the final shop drawing to our manufacturer and signs off on the final details to ensure accuracy. We then receive a confirmation of your order. Occasionally for highly customized showers, we must also source various parts from additional vendors during the production phase to ensure the client is 100% satisfied with their purchase.


Once the glass panels and metal components of the enclosure have been manufactured to our specifications, they are carefully packed and shipped to our warehouse in Maryland. Upon their arrival, our dispatcher contacts the project manager or homeowner to schedule the installation. When our staff arrives at the job site, the installation will be performed in a professional manner. All areas of the project are looked upon and constructed with precise detail. After the glass components are installed, we seal the entire enclosure and clean the work area thoroughly before we leave. All components are rechecked and caulking is inspected to ensure customer satisfaction. The final installed product is often the primary focal point for the bathroom. Its beauty is a triumph of style, engineering, and craftsmanship.


A high-quality, professionally installed shower door can be a thing of beauty for many years to come if properly maintained. We always leave the client with information on recommended maintenance procedures. CCS provides a one year warranty on all products and labor.

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