Sometimes we go on a bit of a hot streak in small towns within our service area, where we do a shower door project for a homeowner who refers us to a friend or neighbor, and then that friend or neighbor refers us to someone else. And so on, and so on…

We experienced this phenomenon last month in Lovettsville, VA, where we generally average one shower door installation per month. But for some reason we went on a hot streak in April and installed custom frameless glass shower doors in six different Lovettsville homes! As of the 2010 census, there were 566 households in Lovettsville. So we basically took care of 1% of them in a single month. Not too shabby!

Like most projects in Loudoun County, VA, these were high-end bathrooms where the homeowners had spent a lot of time and money on upscale tile work and bathroom fixtures. It was up to us, as the absolute last subcontractors involved in the bathroom renovation process, to hit a home run with the shower doors and end these projects on a high note. 

Frameless Low-Iron (HD) Glass Shower Door and Panel in Lovettsville, VA

This project is a great example of the work we did in Lovettsville over the course of the month. This homeowner had just renovated their bathroom and had a 58″ opening to work with for glass shower doors. They wanted something clean and modern that would show off the custom tile and granite installed by the artisans at Veritas Contracting Group, LLC, who simply do phenomenal work.

The client opted for low-iron glass – also known as HD glass or starfire glass – to really make the tile and granite work pop. And it was a great decision! Clear glass has a slight green tint due to its iron content. This generally isn’t noticeable unless you see it side-by-side with low-iron glass, which is more optically clear. When homeowners have lightly colored tile work, using HD glass can make a real difference in clarity, highlighting the subtle nuances of certain types of tile, marble, and granite.

This glass upgrade, along with the upgraded modern square handle, helped ensure this project was a success. And, most importantly, it ensured the homeowner was ecstatic with their newly renovated bathroom and shower.

See Shower Door Glass Options and Handle Options in Person at our Showroom

When selecting shower door options and upgrades, it can be hard to get a sense of exactly what you’re paying for unless you see them in person. Most shower door companies in the area work out of offices or warehouses, but we work out of a shower door showroom with full-size displays and dozens of glass and hardware options to review onsite. Seeing these options online isn’t always enough. So we invite you to visit our shower door showroom in Jefferson, MD, just a short 1/2 hour drive from most parts of Loudoun County, VA!