Here is a collection of ideas for shelves & niches to choose from planning your enclosure. Niches are areas built into the shower wall to hold various products (soaps, shampoos, razors & etc…) for your convenience. the bottom of the niche should have a good pitch towards the shower to avoid collecting water.

Shelves are usually made of granite, marble or ceramic. Shower Door Experts offers ⅜ inch thick tempered glass shelves in 3 sizes (8×8, 10×10, and 12×12). We install these directly on the shower tile. These glass shelves can be installed at the same time as the shower enclosure or any time after the tiling is installed and set. No pre-planning is needed, except where you want to place the shelf. Shelf brackets/clips should match your shower enclosure & match both your your traditional or contemporary bathroom hardware. The costs between niches and shelves can vary widely. A built-in niche can run you anywhere from $300 – $750 depending how elaborate it is. Each of the glass shelves we offer installed for only $95!