1. Tip 1: Use granite or corian shower curbs over tile. Learn More>>
  2. Tip 2: Use durock or cement boardon the lower half of the shower at the very least. Learn More>>
  3. Tip 3: Chose thinset over mastic whenever possible. Learn More>>
  4. Tip 4: Darker grouts hide everyday grime much better than white or off-white tones. Learn More>>
  5. Tip 5: Wood blocking is always recommended on the wall where a door will be hinged. Learn More>>
  6. Tip 6: Ensure bench seats are pitched downward towards the drainage area to avoid sitting water. Learn More>>
  7. Tip 7: Glass tiles should always be kept away from areas where hinges or hardware will be set. Learn More>>
  8. Tip 8: Terminating a detailed tile pattern prior to the door area is highly recommended. Learn More>>
  9. Tip 9: Steam units usually require floor to ceiling glass at above average heights. Learn More>>
  10. Tip 10: Use interior vents in all floor-to-ceiling steam shower enclosures. Learn More>>
  11. Tip 11: Use glass sealant to reduce maintenance and keep your shower looking spotless. Learn More>>
  12. Tip 12: Hand held shower heads have additional advantages other than keeping one’s hair dry. Learn More>>
  13. Tip 13: Body sprays should be placed in sensible positions within the shower. Learn More>>
  14. Tip 14: Slab material should be flush with the edge of tile in door locations with no overhangs. Learn More>>
  15. Tip 15: Including a tiled niche within a custom shower adds both functionality and style. Learn More>>
  16. Tip 16: A corner shelf is a great alternative to a tiled niche. Learn More>>
  17. Tip 17: Silicone caulking is the invisible hero of any frameless shower installation. Learn More>>
  18. Tip 18: Don’t forget the lights! All too often, we encounter dimly lit shower areas. Learn More>>
  19. Tip 19: Grab bars are a prudent consideration for many people – from the elderly to the clumsy! Learn More>>
  20. Tip 20: Use a built-in niche to easily prop your feet or place items. Learn More>>
  21. Tip 21: Consider having a tile mount robe hook installed to easily hang a wash cloth or squeegee. Learn More>>

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