25 Years of Shower Doors


2016 is coming to a close, and the holidays are in full swing at Shower Door Experts. We had our annual Christmas dinner last Tuesday in Frederick, and it was an awesome night. Our Lead Technician, Mark Holsinger, won the Employee of the Year award, and he got this AMAZING custom championship belt for his efforts!

We have very little year-to-year turnover (Mark has been with us for over 10 years), so the holiday dinner is a great time to kick back with good friends, who we also happen to work with. We ate some steak, reflected on the year that was, and planned for the year that will be.

2016 marked our 25th year of operations. The owner, Tom Huck, started this company in 1991, and he’s built something really special in the meantime. Mark and our other lead technician, Rob Rice, do phenomenal work in the field. We’re a small company, but we box above our weight class when it comes to both volume and quality. We install a lot of shower doors. Some days our crews are in Maryland and Virginia, other days they’ll be in Washington, DC and West Virginia, grinding out some of the area’s best installations.

We are fortunate to the have the team we do, both in the field and in the office. Devin Huck, Tom’s son, controls the chaos of scheduling appointments, answering phones, replying to emails, and generally making sure the trains run on time. And he does a bang up job.

As we begin our 26th year in business, it is a blessing to have such a strong team in place, and it bodes well for 2017. To all our past, present, and future clients: we are honored that you let us into your homes, and we thrive on the smiles that follow a job well done.

Happy Holidays from Shower Door Experts!


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