Our Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Response

Hello, friends and neighbors! We’ll be sharing the latest information here and also contacting current customers directly with the latest news. We get that these are strange times – BUT we are feeling good about our plans to protect our employees and customers. You are our primary concern! In return, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting a small, local, family-run business. We’ll all get through this!

Here’s where we’re at now (Updated WED 03/25):

Thank you for your patience as our small family-owned company has been working hard this week to figure out what the March 23rd Maryland non-essential business shutdown means for us – and you! As a construction business, we technically don’t fall in the category of non-essential business. However, we are putting the needs and safety of our people first (see our preparations and Dr. Duckie’s mandatory site preparations below). Some of our employees need to self-isolate, which means we will be operating on a limited schedule for awhile.
What this means for you: unfortunately, there will be a delay in shower door installations. We apologize for the short notice and pledge to work with you to coordinate the best possible outcome. Protecting our employees and customers is a must! As a result, while our offices remain open and we continue to perform installations on a limited basis, our showroom will be temporarily closed to all foot traffic. We apologize for this as well, but we are trying to be as responsible and careful as possible over the next few weeks. We will be in touch again soon to work out the details of your installation and the precautionary measures we’re putting in place to keep everyone safe.
Thank you again for your trust and patience.


We are closely following CDC and local government recommendations in real time. These are the policies we have in place right now:

  1. Requiring employees to stay home at the first hint of illness. Our sick leave policy is flexible and employee oriented.
  2. Adhering to CDC policies – including keeping the recommended 6 feet of distance from our customers. You’ll definitely get a friendly hello, though!
  3. Training our people to use anti-bacterial spray cleaners and nitrile medical gloves. We also have hand washing stations in every van. And of course, we will completely disinfect all bathroom surfaces before we leave.

We’ve been in business since 1991, weathering half a dozen recessions, 9/11 and the targeting of the Pentagon, the DC Sniper crisis, the housing market collapse… and in difficult times like these, the fundamental decency and resilience of this area and its communities has been made abundantly clear.

From our family to yours: