Our Green Initiatives

Shower Door Experts cares about ethical environmental practices. We’re lucky to work in an industry with lots of potential. Because glass is made of silica, it’s a naturally green product. Our green initiative is a commitment to keeping our community and planet clean and verdant for generations to come.

Our Green Commitment

  • Buy a significant amount of our glass locally to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Highly discount our glass sealant products, which reduce or eliminate the need for toxic chemicals when you clean
  • Use GPS to plan and coordinate all appointments, creating efficient routes that save fuel
  • Reduce our paper trail with email and a digital fax system, taking care to only print out documents when absolutely necessary
  • Recycle first, throw away last: we only use our local landfill as a last resort

Diamond Seal Systems

Diamond Seal Systems helps us get harsh chemicals out of your shower. DSS’s Science of Clean™ Glass Sealant and cleaning products reduce allergens, germs, and soap scum. We love keeping your home healthy and clean through green living!

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