Angled Frameless Door and Panel in Frederick, MD

Straight In-Line Showers Aren’t the Only Option

SOTW 9-25-15

Our Project of the Week a perfect example of how custom cut glass allows our clients to put frameless glass showers in any bathroom. This unit features a frameless swinging door and a precisely measured and cut angled panel. This style unit is usually required on the top floor of homes (2nd attic) due to roof pitches. Homeowners often overlook the opportunity to fully customize and upgrade these tucked away rooms. More often than not they will resort to simply throwing up a shower curtain and settling for less than they desire aesthetically. Shower curtains not only can cause a small bathroom to appear even smaller, but they retain moisture causing mold and mildew build up. Glass is the most sanitary choice for showers as they are non-porous and resist this type of build-up. Furthermore, sealing the glass with our Diamond Glass Sealant will repel dirt and grime and resist water spots. Sealing the glass also makes cleaning the unit as easy as a quick once over with a squeegee when exiting the shower. Another simple yet essential element of this project are the added corner shelves. Quick and easy for our trained technicians to install, shelving in the shower is a perfect solution for added storage in any bathroom.  This shower is a great example of how a homeowner had a vision to transform a typically mundane bathroom into a gorgeous daily retreat. The glass doors not only add warmth and light by allowing the sunlight to illuminate the entire bathroom, but also creates an unobstructed view of the modern custom tile work. By choosing a custom glass shower enclose this client added instant impact and greatly enhanced the overall value of their new bathroom and home.

If you are thinking about updating you bathroom, remember the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to the layout, design, and customization of glass shower units.  And our skilled technicians are always ready to quickly and accurately assist you every step of the way through the process of turning the shower of your dreams into reality. Don’t fret over the details on your next bathroom remodeling project, just call the experts!