Meet the Lucette: Fully Framed & Not Ashamed

Shower Door of the Week: Fully Framed Lucette in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

The Lucette is a classic framed shower enclosure with a traditional bypass sliding door. But what does that mean? You’ll see us write a lot about “frameless” shower doors, because they are super on-trend. Within the shower industry, “frameless” refers to any shower enclosure that doesn’t have metal adhered to the edge of the glass. As you can see, this Lucette goes in the opposite direction with a bold chrome frame. Shower Door Expert Emily weighs in: “I really dig the chrome finish against that charcoal grey tile! And wouldn’t Lucette be a fantastic name?” Friends, please tell us if you name a child or pet Lucette.

In general, framed shower doors are less expensive than fully frameless doors. This custom unit (in Emily’s hometown, Shepherdstown!) has a buttressed inline panel over the bench seat. A non-standard layout will cost a bit more, so definitely check in with us about all your framing options. Not to brag, but our framed systems are built to last and look better than comparable products from big-box home improvement stores. We don’t offer any builder’s grade systems, the kind usually pre-installed in new developments. Our framed showers are always custom built for your individual space!

Fully framed Lucette shower door unit in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Framed shower doors are definitely one step up from shower curtains. Emily again: “When you’re investing in your house, maybe for the first time, small improvements like headboards and shower doors just make you feel so much more established in your own space, y’know? I felt so adult in my first bathroom without a dingy shower curtain!” And, aesthetics aside, some shower spaces really do need a door. A shower curtain wouldn’t work with the bench seat in this shower door of the week. Bottom line: finding the right solution for your shower is personal based on your space and vision.

We genuinely enjoy geeking out about shower doors so, again, get in touch any time! You can also find us out there on Facebook or Instagram. We post stunning shower door pics, yes, but also super-fun content including our very own comics!

Expert Advice: Our Trusted Tile Companies

Choosing tile is the time for your inner interior designer to shine! There’s something special about making a unique interior space that’s all your own. But who do you turn to for options and advice? Who actually installs your dream tile? We often get asked for referrals, and with 30 years in the shower door business, we’ve made some excellent local contacts. Please do let them know that we referred you! But without further blogging ado, here are our most-trusted tile contractors:

Frederick County, Maryland

Epic Kitchen & Bath / Scott Phucas / 301-363-5531

HH Homes / Hank Parater / 240-870-2985

J Grubbs Construction / John Grubb / 301-748-7374

Lighthouse Craftsmen / Pete Ring / 240-315-832

Newell Property Services / Tom Newell / 301-371-0645

PKS Home Improvements / Paul Sager / 301-337-0134

Premier Contracting Services / Tyler Timberlake / 877- 928-7767

Quality First Home Improvement / Dave Farnum / 443-398-1100

Woodsboro Craftsmen / Jeff Crum / 301-304-0945

Carroll, Howard, & Washington Counties, Maryland

Woodsboro Craftsmen / Jeff Crum / 301-304-0945


Montgomery County, Maryland

PKS Home Improvements / Paul Sager / 301-337-0134


Washington, D.C.

Falcon Construction / Kaz Malachowski / 301-294 – 3100


Loudoun County, Virginia

Goode Guy Handyman / Ronnie Goode / 703-431-2754


Berkeley County, West Virginia

Miller’s Residential Creations / Travis Sprouse /  304- 918-0007

Tristate Home Improvements / Chris Hill / 304-240-0646


Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Innovative Kitchen & Flooring Supply / Ryan Stouffer / 717-263-2611


Note: We are not responsible for any mistakes, mix-ups, or mayhem caused by these contractors. Kidding: they’re good people. But please let us know if you have a negative experience that might cause us to retract our recommendation. And definitely get in touch when it’s time to plan for your perfect shower door! In the meantime, follow along on our social media (Facebook and Instagram) for tile and other design inspiration!

Symphony Shower in Alexandria, Virginia

Shower Door of the Week: Symphony Hardware in Alexandria, Virginia

There are so many ways to make a shower truly your own. For our shower door of the week, you can see the eye-catching tile, always fun to shop for. On the practical side, there’s bench seating and a handheld shower head. Nice! But hardware is an often unsung hero of shower design. Not here in Alexandria! These clients are singing loud and proud with their Symphony hardware upgrade. Handles, hooks, and towel bars can really add that extra something to your bathroom design. Hardware can take almost any look toward more modern and sleek – or here something a little more classic. Shower door expert Emmarose calls this one “fancy”!

Corner shower unit in Alexandria Virginia with Symphony hardware
Shower Door of the Week
Close-up of a Symphony handle

You can let us know on Facebook or Instagram what you think about this style. Are you more of a ladder pull lady? Coda guy? Stay tuned for our upcoming quiz to finally find out “Which Shower Door Are You?” We also have a new expert / model in the showroom who you’ll definitely want to meet. He doesn’t say much, but he has a fantastic t-shirt collection…

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