Modern Minimalism in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Shower Door of the Week: Modern Minimalism in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

When you think “Harpers Ferry,” you might picture winding cobbled streets, quaint shops, and historic walks along the Potomac. You probably don’t think, “oh yes, Harpers Ferry, hot spot of hip modern design.” But let me tell you! Eye-catching shower doors are popping up all over the panhandle!

Last week on the ol’ blog we talked about minimalism as a trend. This custom shower unit exemplifies all things minimalist, from the frameless design to the square pull handle. As a bonus, the hardware is in suuuper-trendy matte black. Black against white or light-colored tile is a classic look that we can’t image will ever go out of style.

Minimalist shower door in Harpers Ferry West Virginia

Speaking of the white tile – these clients wisely opted for low iron glass. Long-time readers will know that regular glass has a slight greenish tint from its iron content. Low iron glass is more optically clear, so we recommend it for light-colored tile. Especially if you’re after a crisp modern look like this one.

Design questions? Installation questions? We love all the questions! You can find us on the phone (301.473.5555), on the Facebook, even on the Instagram! In addition to stunning shower photos, we also share original cartoons and behind-the-scenes expert pics!

Headers Up Keedysville!

Shower Door of the Week: Oil Rubbed Bronze Header in Keedysville, Maryland

Me: Hey, experts! What can you tell me about the shower door of the week?

Emmarose: It’s a ORB GAP PDP CAR01 hinges. with a SQ6x6!

Me: …

Noah: It also has a custom WMZQ and an 80” LMNOP!

Me: Thanks, guys.

Do you see what I’m working with here!? Good thing you have your faithful blogger to demystify shower doors! Kidding aside, we really do try to take all the jargon out of the buying process and get right down to what’s important to YOU! Investing in a shower remodel is a big deal and should last you many many years if not generations. That’s one great reason to go with a timeless look. In that spirit, our shower door of the week is delightfully modern in a way that will certainly stand the test of time!

Shower door with oil rubbed bronze hardware and header

Minimalism is the trend in shower design. Think glass, glass, and more glass! But this custom shower in Keedysville, Maryland proves that you can have a dark header – in this case, oil rubbed bronze – and still keep that simple elegant look. The hardware is almost like a picture frame for the shower, showcasing that lovely tile.

We are always happy to chat about shower door design – jargon free. You can catch us over on Facebook and Instagram, where we share all our lovely pics and also fun bonus stuff like our own web comic. Look forward to hearing from you!

Shower With a Friend Day

That’s right! It’s our second annual Shower with a Friend Day! Over on Facebook, we learned that many of you prefer to shower alone. And that makes sense – more hot water for you!! One of you was a lot more excited about snow showers – fair! And some expressed regret that they missed this important national holiday. To them we say: mark your calendars! The duckies will be back next year. And hopefully it will be a lot safer to shower together in 2022. Be safe and well out there. And enjoy your shower however you like!

Shower Spa Day at Home

Shower Door of the Week: Wooden Spa Shower in Great Cacapon, West Virginia

Well hello, gorgeous! Unanimous agreement amongst the experts: this gorgeous spa alcove shower stole the show! It is giving us strong sauna vibes and we love it. We can’t take credit for the wood panel design. (Though we can recommend tile contractors.) But we’re proud of how this panel-door-panel shower door turned out. Some details:

Glass to glass hinges eliminate the need for a header system, so these Great Cacaponers get a beautiful minimalist look.

Matte black hardware – the ongoing trend! A brassy or bronze hardware would fade into the wood, but the black is eye-catching in the best modern way.

Low iron glass is more optically clear and helps give this spa-like shower a crisp clean look. Regular glass has a slight greenish tint, which you wouldn’t want to distract from the lovely wood color here.

There’s no reason why you can’t have a spa experience at home. With the right tile and glass, even the smallest shower space can be made more bright, open, and relaxing. We’re always, always happy to discuss design, so get in touch for a chat or free quote. You’ll find us over on Facebook and Instagram, sharing design tips and bonus content. Look out for our first music video coming out soon…!

Be well! Relax! Enjoy your showers!

Almost Heaven West Virginia Shower

Shower Door of the Week: Panel Door Panel in Kearneysville, West Virginia

This West Virginia shower sure does look heavenly to us! Okay, that might be the photo flash, but that’s not the point… We truly love how this project turned out. It’s a perfect example of how you can mix darker hardware like matte black or, here, oil rubbed bronze with both greys and browns. Matte black was the superstar of 2020, but we’re also seeing an uptick in oil rubbed bronze hardware recently. Mixing and matching patterns like the grey rectangular tile with brown pebble floor is a fun way to add visual interest to your shower space.

These Kearneysville clients also went with low iron glass. If you’ve been following along with the blog, you’ll know that low iron glass is more optically clear than regular glass. We recommend it for light-colored tile, especially. If you haven’t been following along, welcome! You can also find us over on Facebook and Instagram, where we post lots of design inspiration and also fun content like our own comics series.

Enjoy! And do say howdy if you spot our van anywhere in Berkeley or Jefferson county, West Virginia! We’re often out that way and love it when people say hello.


Serenity & Privacy in Middletown

Shower Door of the Week: Serenity Unit with Sandblasting in Middletown, Maryland

The Serenity shower door is a single slider with a low-profile design. It’s a smooth and sturdy door with anti-derailing fittings on the bottom rail to ensure stability. It’s minimal hardware makes the glass appear as if it’s almost floating. What we’re saying is that it’s already kind of a magical shower door. But the custom touches on this shower door of the week go past serenity straight to nirvana:


Our friends at Rowland Glass Studios never disappoint! This is another great example of custom sandblasting in the middle section of the door for style and privacy. As we’ve said before: an entirely textured door limits the amount of light that gets into your shower space. When you opt for sandblasting you can enjoy both privacy and light. Genius!

Serenity shower door with sandblasted section for privacy

Low Iron Glass

Low iron glass is more optically clear than regular glass, which has a slight greenish tint. For these Middletown clients, we recommended low iron against that lovely white tile and paint. It gives the shower space a kind of brilliance that goes perfectly with the lightness of the Serenity unit.

Custom Design

It’s happens in every blog post: now we get to the shower door geekery! For this custom unit we installed a notched return panel to accomodate that partial knee wall beside the vanity. Sounds a bit technical, but the takeaway is that we always measure carefully and create custom solutions for every single shower space. No angle too acute for us!

In other shower news, last Wednesday was National Rubber Ducky Day! There’s still time to name this ducky for a chance to win a rubber ducky and one of our collectable tee shirts! Just head on over to our Facebook page and let the creativity flow.

Expert Advice: Custom Finishes

Shower Door of the Week: Door and Panel with Custom Brushed Bronze Finish

Custom finishes were a big topic of conversation in 2020, with matte black reigning supreme! Bathroom fixtures with custom finishes can be maddening to match with shower door hardware. Fortunately, this wasn’t our first rodeo. These Silver Spring, Maryland clients were looking for a custom brushed bronze to match their bathroom, and we made it happen!

Shower door with custom brushed bronze hardware

The most common custom finishes we use to match your bathroom:

  • matte black
  • brushed bronze
  • satin or polished brass
  • satin or polished nickel

Matte black and polished nickel are still somewhat uncommon, but they’re becoming more easily accessible. We will usually have them in stock already. Which is a good time to note: custom hardware can add a week or more to your lead time, but trust us – it’s worth it! We will be super-clear in the early stages of the installation process how custom parts and finishes could affect the production phase and the overall timeline of the project.

Get in touch if you have any questions about custom finishes or anything else. We’re on Facebook and Instagram too, where we share comics, coloring pages, and all kinds of weird…I mean… fun stuff! See you over there.

Top 3 Showers of 2020

The moment you’ve been waiting for… 🥁

Our most popular showers of 2020! These are the three showers that received the most positive feedback on our Facebook page. So, huge thanks to our exceptional social media friends on their feedback and support this year. Your friendly and positive words kept our spirits up during some difficult months. And you have a great eye for shower design! Here’s what we’re seeing from your picks:

Matte Black

You were spot on about this one. Matte black is having a big moment in shower design, as we discussed in a previous post. It looks crisp and modern against white or light-colored tile, but you can also play around with other colors, metallics, and textures. It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with matte black!

The Grid

Again with the trendy matte black! But this shower unit was much more polarizing on Facebook. “What’s the name of this model, Alcatraz?” Maybe it’s a love/hate deal, but we love it! And so did many of you. Grid showers have been around for awhile, but the kind we install is a “second generation” design that is much more affordable for the same look. So if you love it, just let us know and we can set you up.

Have Fun

Whatever your style, don’t be afraid to have some fun with it! This custom blasting leaves the top section clear to show off some fun sparkly tile. One thing we haven’t resolved this year: Expert Emily sees waves, but Expert Noah makes the fair point that you can also stand in the shower and pretend you’re a tiger. If you want to help settle this debate once and for all, please do get in touch! We always love hearing from you guys and talking about shower design. Thanks again for your feedback and fun comments this year!


Let the Sun Shine In!

Shower Door of the Week: Minimalist Panels in Frederick, Maryland

One of the major advantages of frameless glass versus a shower curtain is natural light. Our pick for best photo of the week illustrates this wonderfully! It’s especially important in the winter that we get as much sunlight we can. Natural light improves your mood and keeps you in a healthy circadian rhythm. And it’s just beautiful!

As our poll showed the other week, we’re seeing a solid trend in minimalist shower design. We might need to rethink the company name if doors go out of style! Kidding – they never will, but they certainly are optional for some layouts. We’re always happy to give feedback on how minimalist you’re able to go with your enclosure.

In other shower door news, we had a couple comments this week on our Facebook page about keeping glass clean. Love the glass look but worry about maintenance? Bottom line: new glass that’s been sealed is ridiculously easy to take care of. We offer glass sealant on all our doors, and then you only need a microfiber cloth to keep your door all sparkly clean! Here’s a full write-up on the process, and we include a maintenance card with every installation. And, as always, just give us a call if you have any questions, anytime.

Bronze Pentagon in Leesburg, VA

Shower Door of the Week:  Glass to Glass with Brushed Bronze in Leesburg, Virginia

This client came to us with a vision of brushed bronze hardware – and we made it happen! It’s one of the great joys of our job, turning your visions into reality. And we really love how this one turned out.

As Expert Emmarose notes, “This is a big boy!” The pentagon shape makes for even more space and requires the two panels to meet at a custom angle. That’s where the specially ordered brushed bronze hardware comes in! Even though it’s a big enclosure, the overall look is still light and open with just the notes of bronze seeming to hold it together.

Also worth mentioning: these clients wisely chose to invest in optically clear low iron glass. We recommend this for clients with white and light-colored tile. Regular glass has a slight greenish tinge. You might not notice it against colorful tile, but for this much white tile it does make a difference.

In other Shower Door Expert news, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Santa has already been handing out gifts to employees and contractors. Strangely, our head honcho Tom never seems to be around when Santa visits…

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