Woman shaving her legs with razor in the shower

Expert Advice: Shower Shaving

Shower Door Expert Emily here for some real talk: shaving your legs in the shower isn’t always easy. Or safe! Shaving shouldn't be an afterthought when you're designing or upgrading your shower enclosure, so let’s break this down. Here are three structural elements to consider for comfort and safety: Bench Seat If you decide to install…

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Glass corner shelf in tiled shower

Shower Storage: Shelves or Niches?

Shelves or Niches? There comes a time in shower remodeling when one must ask: "Where do I put the shampoo bottle?" If you're not planning to install a built-in wall or bench seat, your two best options are shelves and niches. But how to decide? Shower Door Experts can help!   Shelves Shower shelves are often made…

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Framed Mirrors

Mirrors can make a significant impact on the impression of space within a bathroom. Some homeowners opt for flat mirrors with either beveled or polished edges, mounted with translucent plastic pieces or mastic. In conjunction with Cardinal Shower, we are pleased to announce our introduction of framed mirrors to expand upon these options. Framed mirrors…

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