Sandblasted Glass Making Waves in Pennsylvania

Shower Door of the Week: Custom Sandblasted Glass in Chambersburg

We were making some summer sandblasted waves in sunny Chambersburg, Pennsylvania! Our friends at Rowland Glass Studios in Thurmont, Maryland did the custom blasting. We always enjoy working with them! Design note: they left the top section of the shower clear to show off that fun sparkly tile. On our end, we think the upgraded curved concerto handle fits really well with this wavy design.

Side note: Expert Emily sees waves, but Expert Noah makes the fair point that you can also stand in the shower and pretend you’re a tiger. Who’s right? Email if you want to weigh in on this debate…

What They’re Saying

Wow, this one really blew up over on our Facebook page! (We’re also on Instagram.)

“Gotta love when two great companies come together on a project and get beautiful results!!”

“Love this, need this”

“Do you give free estimates?”

Yes! Yes we do give free estimates! Get in touch or start a free quote from the website. Somebody also asked us about a full bathroom model, so also know that we can recommend contractors in your area. We work with some terrific and trustworthy people – very much including Rowland Glass Studios! – and are always happy to share our insider knowledge.

Completely Custom 4-Sider in Pennsylvania

Shower Door of the Week: Custom Unit in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

This 4-sided custom shower enclosure is the bee’s knees! Well… two bees, combined. 🐝🐝🚿
This was a fun project. The little alcove has handy – and beautiful – bench seating. We love the idea of a small shower alcove! But because the door meets the adjacent panel at a custom angle, we had to be super precise with our engineering and installation. Thankfully, our technicians hit this one out of the park!

What people said on our Facebook page: “absolutely beautiful,” “beautiful,” “love!”

We continue to follow all safety protocols when we visit your homes. Gotta keep our customers and experts safe! We’re also starting to get visitors in our showroom, which opened back up this month. It is so good to see people again! We really missed having in-person chats about bathroom design. If you can, come on by!

If you’re new to the Shower Door Expert blog (welcome!), our showroom is in Jefferson, Maryland. This project was in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and we get to the southernmost reaches of Pennsylvania fairly often. If you have any questions about our service area (and whether we can scoot outside it for you), please do get in touch – it never hurts to ask!

Wet Room Shower Doors in Martinsburg, WV

Shower Door of the Week: Custom Frameless Corner Shower Doors in Martinsburg, West Virginia


This West Virginia homeowner wanted the wet room bathroom experience, so we made it happen with a custom frameless shower door. Frequently, so-called “corner shower doors” are found in bathrooms with a shower pan directly adjacent to a soaking tub. That set-up requires a glass cutout to accommodate the tub deck. But this shower we recently completed in Martinsburg is completely free-standing. And it turned out beautifully!

No Curb

Because the bathroom is designed as wet room, there is no curb on this shower. Typically, we see 4” curbs defining the shower pan. But since the bathroom floor and shower pan floor were made of the same materials, there was no need for a curb. Some homeowners like to avoid using a shower curb to make their showers ADA/wheelchair friendly.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

You can see that the free-standing soaking tub in this bathroom has earthy brown tones. The floor material also has a rustic earthiness to it. So when it came time to talk shower door hardware, we recommended oil rubbed bronze finish as the best match. Our oil rubbed bronze finish is available in light, medium, or dark to match pretty much any other bathroom fixture available in oil rubbed bronze.

Want a Free Quote?

Our showroom in Jefferson, Maryland is temporarily closed to keep everyone safe. But our office staff is available to give you a quote for a custom shower door! You can fill out a quote request form on our website, send a message on Facebook, or text us at (833)222-2789.
Our installers are classified as “essential workers,” so we’re still able to measure and install shower doors! For our panhandle friends, our schedule typically takes us your way 1-2 per week. So we have appointments available near Harpers Ferry, Charles Town, Ranson, and Shepherdstown, West Virginia at your convenience. Get in touch!

Completely Customized in Clifton, VA

A completely customized shower door is art and science! We often have to use notched panels* to accommodate tub decks, knee walls, and bench seats. (A notched panel a stationary piece of glass shaped like Oklahoma flipped on its panhandle.) All in a day’s work! But with these corner shower doors in Clifton, Virginia we needed a panel to fit a remarkably tall vanity! There was even a slight lip, or overhang, on the vanity’s marble top. We needed to grind that out for a seamless u-channel fit. So this was a very custom shower door indeed! We’re quite proud of the outcome.

We used glass-to-glass pivot hinges at the very top and bottom of the shower door so that the three wall clamps and two corner clamps were the only hardware breaking up the horizontal line of sight. Pivot hinges distribute the weight of the shower door downward towards the curb, making it easier to hinge the door off of a glass panel instead of a tiled wall.

The brushed nickel hardware on this project ties in well with the earthy gray tones of the accent tile, as well as the gray streaks in the white marble. Overall, it’s a fantastic design completely customized for this space.

Grid Shower Door in Matte Black

Shower Door of the Week: Matte Black Grid Shower Door in Kensington, MD

This grid shower door we recently installed in Kensington, Maryland is doubly on trend! Grid showers and matte black are both having a moment, and we love it.

The doors we install are actually from the second generation of the grid shower door movement. Coastal Industries first released their Gridscape units a few years back. They opted for small rectangular panes of glass welded together with metal framing, and the look was an immediate hit! Especially in urban areas with uber-contemporary design trends, these units sold like hotcakes.

But they were ghastly expensive! And other manufacturers found better, less expensive ways to accomplish the same look. We source ours from Century Bathworks in New Jersey. By using a single piece of glass with thin grid framing adhered to it, Century is able to provide this trendy matte black look at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Matte black hardware is, in general, also having a moment. Perhaps it’s because oil rubbed bronze finishes run the gamut from super dark to super light? And it’s easier to pair black with black versus two different oil rubbed bronze finishes from two different manufacturers? Whatever the case, we’re officially on board!

If you’re interested in this trend, get in touch! We’re happy to start chatting about what would work for your unique shower space. You can also get the ball rolling with a free quote.

Frameless in Charles Town

Shower Door of the Week: Frameless Glass in Charles Town, West Virginia

Full disclosure: this shower door unit is actually located right outside of Charles Town, in Kearneysville, West Virginia. But we’ve been picking up more and more business around Charles Town and in the Eastern Panhandle. You’ll find us in Ranson, Shepherdstown, Martinsburg, and Inwood. Say hello if you see our van or memorable t-shirts!

This frameless glass shower door and panel represents many of the unit types we find in this area. We do see our fair share of tub doors and corner shower doors as well. But more often than not, we’re installing fairly standard frameless doors like this one.

This panhandle homeowner had recently renovated the bathroom. By positioning their shower seat in the corner instead of on the front plane, they saved themselves some money on their shower doors. Smart! When a bench seat extends all the way to the shower curb, we have to cut out the glass panel to accommodate it, which increases the price by a couple hundred dollars. So get in touch before you start your project if you want some expert advice on design! We love chatting about projects and can get you a free quote early in the process.

Ultimately, we were able to hinge off the right wall with standard duty glass-to-wall hinges and secure the stationary inline glass panel with a single 2” x  2” clamp at the top left of the panel. We positioned the top hinge and this corresponding clamp each 8” down from the top of the shower doors for symmetry. Frameless shower door and panel systems like this one are a handsome way to get custom glass shower doors at an affordable price!

Why Panel-Door-Panel?

Shower Door of the Week: Panel-Door-Panel in Ellicott City, Maryland

So, you’ve decided on a swing door instead of a sliding door for your shower alcove. Great! But how many panels will you choose!? A door & panel layout is the most popular choice. But some customers prefer a panel-door-panel system like this gorgeous frameless shower enclosure we recently installed in Ellicott City, MD instead.

There are three main reasons why you might choose the panel-door-panel option:

1. We can adjust the panel sizes to account for other bathroom fixtures. Sometimes homeowners will want a door between a 24” panel to clear a toilet on the left and a 6” panel to clear a towel bar on the right. Panel-door-panel shower doors have a lot of bathroom layout flexibility.

2. Some customers are all about symmetry. The door & panel layout almost never has perfect symmetry between the door and panel widths. The panel-door-panel option, on the other hand, makes centering a door between two equal-sized panels a piece of cake. 

3. Door & panel shower doors have limited width. They max out at widths of 60” when hinging off of a wall and 54” when hinging off of the glass panel. For openings wider than this, a metal header would be required, which undermines the “fully frameless” look most customers want. The panel-door-panel option can accommodate widths up to 76” without needing a metal header for stability! So for relatively wide shower alcove openings, opting for a panel-door-panel means choosing the “most frameless” option available. 

Give us a shout if you want to discuss all-things-panel! Are you in Ellicott City? Great! Are you somewhere else in Maryland? Virginia? West Virginia? Washington DC? We got you covered. Check out our showroom and service area to see if we can help you with the shower door of your drams!

If you’re really keen to get started, send us your rough dimensions for a free quote!

Frameless Corner Shower Showcase

Bathrooms with corner showers are very popular in the area. Single family homes built from the 1980’s on often have master bathrooms with a shower pan (tiled or acrylic) located directly beside a soaking tub. This layout requires glass on two sides to fully enclose the shower. Here are three corner shower doors we recently installed near our shower door showroom in Frederick County, MD.

Frameless Glass Corner Shower in Frederick, MD


We installed this corner shower enclosure in early February 2017, and it is a great example of how this bathroom layout can be used to great effect. This homeowner in Frederick had custom tile walls and a custom stone shower pan installed beside their soaking tub. By extending the horizontal run of the notched stationary glass panel beside the shower door, we were able to incorporate the tub deck as functional storage space within the shower. The return panel was positioned as close to the tub as possible, giving the homeowner a place for shampoo and conditioner bottles beyond the tiled wall niche. This makeshift ledge also helps with the delicate balancing act of shaving one’s legs!

Frameless Glass Corner Shower in Urbana, MD


Sometimes homeowners prefer to leverage the tub deck for bath use instead of shower use, however. You have to put those aromatherapy candles somewhere, after all! Since we installed a glass corner shelf for this client in Urbana, they did not need extra space for shampoo and conditioner bottles. So the notched inline glass panel beside the shower door uses the minimum setback of 3/4″ – positioning the return panel on the tub deck as close to the innermost edge as possible. This is a handsome unit with an upgraded Aria shower door handle and Aria through-the-glass robe hook, both supplied by Portals Hardware.

Frameless Glass Corner Shower in Walkersville, MD


Not all corner shower doors are located beside soaking tubs. This project in Walkersville, for instance, just needed a narrow stationary panel at 90-degrees to fully enclose an otherwise linear layout. Because of the layout of the bathroom, we engineered this shower enclosure using glass-to-glass hinges, attaching the shower door to a stationary glass panel instead of the wall. By using slightly thicker glass panels (1/2″ instead of 3/8″), we are able to safely hinge shower doors off of adjacent inline panels in this manner. The homeowner selected oil rubbed bronze shower door hardware to match the fixtures in their bathroom. They also upgraded the standard c-pull shower door handle to a square pull.


Custom Neo Angle in Leesburg VA

Frameless Corner Shower in Bethesda Maryland

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