Expert Advice: Shower Shaving

Shower Door Expert Emily here for some real talk: shaving your legs in the shower isn’t always easy. Or safe! Shaving shouldn’t be an afterthought when you’re designing or upgrading your shower enclosure, so let’s break this down. Here are three structural elements to consider for comfort and safety:

Woman shaving her legs with razor in the shower

Bench Seat

If you decide to install a bench, you are already living your best leg-shaving life! No more balancing on tiptoe for you, rock star. That said, if your seating area is filling up with bottles and loofahs, consider saving space with additional shelving. Your legs deserve lots of room! We might seem biased, but glass shelves really are an attractive, easy, and inexpensive solution to shower storage.

Foot Rest

Installing a small corner seat or foot rest is much safer than praying your foot will stay put on a slippery shower wall as you’re shaving. (I know I’m not the only one who has tried this.) In a smaller shower, a built-in corner foot rest can give you stability without sacrificing space. Still, consider installing shelving close by so you don’t have to twist around for shaving supplies or running water. Smooth skin and safety!


Niches can be an eye-catching upgrade for your shower storage. But if tall bottles start to take up all the vertical space, consider customizing your niche with glass shelves. Creating a smaller space within your niche is ideal for shaving supplies, especially razors.

Questions? Comments? Top shaving tips?

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