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Mirror FrameMirrors can make a significant impact on the impression of space within a bathroom. Some homeowners opt for flat mirrors with either beveled or polished edges, mounted with translucent plastic pieces or mastic. In conjunction with Cardinal Shower, we are pleased to announce our introduction of framed mirrors to expand upon these options. Framed mirrors can be a great choice for several reasons. First, they can actually be less expensive than flat mirrors due to the availability of stock sizes as well as the ease of installation. Instead of plastic pieces or mastic, our framed mirrors mount with a j-bar, which makes them more sturdy than mirrors mounted with mastic. Second, they can better complement bathroom fixtures and frameless shower hardware. Since the framing is available in finishes that complement bathroom fixtures (i.e., chrome, brass, brushed nickel, polished nickel, oil rubbed bronze, roman bronze, etc.), they can more effectively complement and tie together other bathroom components. We even offer some novel hardware finishes, like satin chrome, marble, and white. Third, since our framed mirrors are available in three framing profiles, different styles of decor can be taken into account. If your decor is more modern and minimalist, the flat CMF69 frame may be most appropriate. If your decor is more traditional, the fluted CMFM1 profile may be a better fit. The point is that the frame, via its shape and hardware finish, can make a statement in and of itself.
Mirror FrameWhat we like most about the framed mirrors is that they give us the opportunity to offer our customers a unique package of mirrors and shower doors. However, plenty of customers opt to just purchase framed mirrors from us, largely due to the ease of installation. Each unit comes with four corner brackets, a hanging rail with screws and anchors, glass blocks, and eight retainer blocks. We recommend that you secure the hanging rail directly to studs for the most secure installation. The anchors are used when you cannot hit a stud.
Our framed mirrors are available in custom sizes, as well as the following stock sizes:

We have various sizes and all three frame profiles on display at our shower door showroom in Jefferson, MD, and we have a dedicated Framed Mirrors product page on our website.
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Rounded Framed Mirror

Flat Framed Mirror

Beveled Framed Mirror

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