Frameless in Charles Town

Shower Door of the Week: Frameless Glass in Charles Town, West Virginia

Full disclosure: this shower door unit is actually located right outside of Charles Town, in Kearneysville, West Virginia. But we’ve been picking up more and more business around Charles Town and in the Eastern Panhandle. You’ll find us in Ranson, Shepherdstown, Martinsburg, and Inwood. Say hello if you see our van or memorable t-shirts!

This frameless glass shower door and panel represents many of the unit types we find in this area. We do see our fair share of tub doors and corner shower doors as well. But more often than not, we’re installing fairly standard frameless doors like this one.

Frameless shower door in Charles Town West Virginia

This panhandle homeowner had recently renovated the bathroom. By positioning their shower seat in the corner instead of on the front plane, they saved themselves some money on their shower doors. Smart! When a bench seat extends all the way to the shower curb, we have to cut out the glass panel to accommodate it, which increases the price by a couple hundred dollars. So get in touch before you start your project if you want some expert advice on design! We love chatting about projects and can get you a free quote early in the process.

Ultimately, we were able to hinge off the right wall with standard duty glass-to-wall hinges and secure the stationary inline glass panel with a single 2” x  2” clamp at the top left of the panel. We positioned the top hinge and this corresponding clamp each 8” down from the top of the shower doors for symmetry. Frameless shower door and panel systems like this one are a handsome way to get custom glass shower doors at an affordable price!

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