Frameless Shower Door with Textured Glass in Columbia, MD


Even though our shower door showroom is in the Frederick, MD area, we do a significant amount of work in the Baltimore area as well. We recently completed this frameless glass shower door in Columbia, MD.

It’s a very simple layout: a 28″ opening, perfect for a single door. For openings wider than 32″, we recommend a door and stationary panel, even though we can fabricate single doors in widths up to 36″.

Frameless Shower Doors with Textured Glass

This shower door uses 3/8″ rain glass instead of the more typical clear glass. We offer a wide variety of textured glass options for shower doors, but we generally only recommend them in the following situations:

  • When bathrooms are relatively large
  • When bathrooms receive an abundance of natural light

Outside of these situations, it is generally best to opt for clear glass. Textured shower glass tends to make bathrooms feel smaller, which is why we do not recommend them for bathrooms that already have limited space. Textured shower glass also reduces the amount of light that comes into a shower enclosure. This can be appealing in situations where textured glass is meant to provide extra privacy while showering. However, in the absence of abundant natural light to offset the effects, it can also lead to a drab and dim showering experience.

This bathroom in Columbia, MD is a beautiful space that receives a lot of natural lighting. In addition to good lighting design, the homeowners were smart to opt for lightly colored tile and paint. This further amplifies the natural light and more than offsets the textured glass. Also, the shower cabin is independently lit with warm lighting, and this combination of light sources makes it a fantastic space in which to start one’s day.


To our customers in the Baltimore area (within 25 miles of the Inner Harbor), we invite you to use the coupon code CHARMCITY through 02/28/2017 to receive $100 off your frameless shower door order.