Frameless Shower Door Repairs in MD, DC, and VA

Repairs can be tough because a lot of times the time and labor involved end up being much more than the actual cost of the part(s) needed. Or a shower enclosure that isn’t worth very much to begin with (i.e., old framed builder’s grade shower units) may need a level of repairs equal to half the unit’s value or more. We try and use common sense when diagnosing issues and recommending shower repairs, and if it makes more sense to replace a shower enclosure, we’re not afraid of making that recommendation. What we absolutely don’t want to happen is to get paid for a shower repair, only to have to make multiple trips out to re-service the same issue. That benefits no one!

Thankfully, this typically doesn’t happen, as we’re usually able to confirm our over-the-phone diagnosis and make any necessary shower repairs onsite. The over-the-phone diagnosis is where our office staff tries to pin down exactly what the issue is. We then email a Service Call Agreement, outlining the minimum charges due and what will be addressed. We went to this system to ensure that everyone would be on the same page regarding cost and scope of the shower repair work. It’s been working out well!

In Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), and Washington, DC, the vast majority of repairs end up costing the client less than $150. This includes work like shower hinge adjustments, replacing shower sweeps and polycarbonate vinyls (gaskets), shower leak diagnostics and repair, re-siliconing or re-caulking, and other repairs. So if you’re having issues with your shower enclosure, drop us a line a tell us a bit about the issues you’re having. It never hurts to run it up the flagpole, right? More than likely we’ll be able to get your shower enclosure looking and working properly, and at a minimum cost!

Happy Showering!