Our shower door showroom is located in Frederick County, MD, but we do a ton of work in adjacent counties, including Montgomery County, MD. Here are two recent shower door installations in Damascus and North Potomac that turned out really well.

Shower Door and Panel in Damascus, MD

This frameless shower door layout is popular for openings between 36″ and 60″, which covers a majority of simple shower openings in the DC Metro region. This homeowner in Damascus, MD remodeled their bathroom and opted to replace their fiberglass shower stall with custom tile. It’s a shame to cover up tile work like this with a shower curtain. So the homeowner decided to install a frameless glass shower door and panel instead.

We matched the brushed nickel bathroom fixtures with brushed nickel shower hardware: two glass-to-wall hinges, two glass-to-wall clamps on the left wall, and low-profile u-channel at the base of the stationary glass panel. All of our hinges have a lifetime warranty, and we sealed the glass with our Diamond Seal shower glass sealant, which also has a lifetime warranty.


Serenity Sliding Glass Corner Shower in North Potomac, MD

This is another popular shower layout in the DC Metro region: a shower stall directly beside a soaking tub. There are a few different ways to approach this layout, including a swing door beside a notched stationary panel that is cut out to accommodate the tub deck. However, when there isn’t enough space in the bathroom for a shower door to swing outward and avoid conflicts with a toilet or a vanity, there are sliding corner shower options as well.

We installed this sleek, modern Serenity frameless sliding shower door in North Potomac, MD, and it turned out perfectly! Instead of u-channel at the base of the glass, the homeowner selected glass clamps to keep the stationary glass secure. Unlike bypass sliding shower doors, modern sliding shower doors like the Serenity, Hydroslide, and Essence use a single sliding glass door that passes over an inline stationary panel. We have the flexibility to place the sliding panel on the inside or outside of the stationary panel to ensure that these frameless shower doors will not leak.


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