New Patterned, Textured Glass From Cardinal Shower

Cardinal Shower has outdone themselves with a new batch of patterned shower glass. Shortages of even the most basic and popular patterned glasses have been plaguing the industry for the past two years. Flat glass companies like AGC Glass have been moving away from textured glass production, opting to produce solar panels instead. Who knew that the foremost environmental question of our time would be a choice between clean energy and attractive showers? Doesn’t seem fair…

Perhaps it’s for the best though. Since Cardinal manufactures shower enclosures, the company has a firm grasp on what its customers are looking for when it comes to custom glass. AGC Glass is a conglomerate, so its product development and production were based more on profitability than an understanding of the custom shower niche. And that niche is ever-changing and dynamic, so it makes the most sense for a shower enclosure company to vertically integrate patterned glass production into its operations. Cardinal will be able to more quickly and fully respond to customer preferences and industry trends than a large and cumbersome conglomerate would.

Cardinal’s first batch of in-house patterned glasses are intriguing to say the least. Capitalizing on its innovative work with cast glass, the company has released the following six patterns (shown above):

  • Cardinal Affinity
  • Cardinal Flurry
  • Cardinal Lunar
  • Cardinal Rain
  • Cardinal Tranquility
  • Cardinal Wisp

Not only are the patterns extremely distinctive, but the glass itself is super clear low-iron glass. Low-iron (or Starfire) glass as a trend is red hot right now because it doesn’t have the faint green hue that traditional clear tempered glass has. More and more homeowners are opting for low-iron glass to shed the best light (both literally and figuratively) on custom tile and stone work. Cardinal’s decision to produce their in-house patterns with low-iron glass is a stroke of genius in our opinion. And since the patterns themselves are so attractive and creative, we see big things ahead for the product line!

Cardinal Shower Glass Options

Happy Showering!