Shower Thoughts: Glass is Weird

Shower Thought…

Are edible glass doors the the future!?

Well, no. But here are some things to think about the next time you gaze upon your gorgeous custom glass shower door!

Did you know:

Glass is an amorphous solid. So is cotton candy! Their atoms do not hang out in a stable orderly pattern like a normal solid. Next time you’re in the shower, consider all those molecules bopping around. Just don’t try to snack on your shower door…

Adorable little girl eating candy-floss outdoors at summer
Mmm…amorphous solid!

Glass is 100% recyclable. The shower door  industry is naturally eco-friendly, and we recycle everything we can as part of our green initiative.

Glass is made from sand. Yeah, you probably knew that, smartypants. Silica + lime + soda ash are the main ingredients of glass. To the naked eye, glass appears smooth, but it actually has microscopic ridges and valleys where soap scum can hang out. Applying sealant to your glass will make it more hygienic and – our favorite part – easier to clean!

Hand holding squeegee to clean a shower door
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Glass is colored by adding minerals. Standard shower glass has a slightly green tint from iron content. Low-iron glass (aka HD or Starfire glass) is more optically clear. 

Piece of standard clear glass in side by side comparison with piece of low-iron glass

Glass is one of the most versatile materials in construction. In 1950, the English company Pilkington UK Limited crafted an 50x8ft glass window pane, the largest flat pane on record. Please give us advance notice if your shower is 50ft long…

Comments? Shower thoughts? Fun glass facts?

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