Small Frameless Corner Shower in Frederick, MD

This frameless corner shower in Frederick, MD makes very efficient use of the available shower space. By planning ahead and thinking outside the box, the homeowner and bathroom contractor were able to create a beautiful shower enclosure next to the soaking tub.

The shower pan is a modest 34″x34″. But the contractor built a 12″ bench seat in the shower to open it up a bit. It was up to us to design and install a frameless glass shower  that would highlight the design features and make the bathroom space feel more open.

Shower Door Size

A typical shower door width is 28″. The maximum door width is 36″. Anything wider than this will wear down the hinge over time and can result in the door slipping. For 34″x34″ shower pans, we usually recommend a 28″ door next to a 6″ stationary notched panel that is cut out to accommodate the knee wall.

The homeowner did not want to limit the walkthrough space, however, so we opted for a single door that close against a fully buttressed return panel.

Corner Shower Return Panels

A return panel is a piece of stationary glass that meets the front of the shower at 90 degrees. When a return panel meets a notched panel, the return panel usually sets centerline on a knee wall. So if a knee wall is 4″ wide, the panel would set at the 2″ mark.

However, when a door meets a return panel directly, the panel needs to be set on the very innermost edge of the knee wall to ensure the door seals properly. This involves using a slightly different glass bracket – or clamp – and it is not an easy installation. Everything needs to be very exact for it to be successful. Fortunately, our technicians have all been with us for years (some as long as 15 years) and they’ve seen and done it all.

Shower Door Options in Frederick, MD

Choosing a layout and selecting hardware for a frameless shower door can be overwhelming. There are a lot of companies that make a lot of lofty promises, but none of them have what we do: a dedicated shower door showroom. Our staff is available to walk you through your options, show you full-size shower door displays, and answer any questions you might have.

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