Shower Storage: Shelves or Niches?

Shelves or Niches?

There comes a time in shower remodeling when one must ask: “Where do I put the shampoo bottle?” If you’re not planning to install a built-in wall or bench seat, your two best options are shelves and niches. But how to decide? Shower Door Experts can help!



Shower shelves are often made of granite, marble, or ceramic. They usually blend in with the tile for an organic look. A shelf can run the length of a shower wall or get tucked into a corner to save space.

Keep in mind that these fixed shelves will be more expensive to replace if you need to make any changes, like adding lower shelves for children or people with mobility problems.

                             Glass Shelves


As glass experts, we might be biased…but glass shelves really are fantastic if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive storage solution. Installation only takes about 20 minutes and costs way less than a niche. You can decide to put glass shelves wherever you like and add more later as needed.

One of the benefits of custom glass shelves is that brackets and clips will match your shower enclosure and other bathroom hardware. Not so with box store shelving! Your style will be consistent and can be as traditional or contemporary as you like.



Niches can be an eye-catching upgrade to your shower.  The tile possibilities are endless and give your shower extra personality. But they do take more time and labor to install. The cost might also be a deal-breaker. A built-in niche can run you anywhere from $300-700, depending on how elaborate it is, versus about $100 for a glass shelf.

You can also customize your niche with – wait for it – glass shelves! Creating a smaller space within your niche is ideal for small bottles and accessories.

Please get in touch if you have any great shelf ideas.

Or if we can help you with any custom shower glass projects!

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