Types of Glass Showers / Glass Shower Enclosures

Whats is a Semi-frameless shower, Framed shower and Frameless shower enclosure?

Semi-semi-frameless_2frameless shower enclosures typically use 1/4” tempered glass and anodized aluminum hardware. A custom shower deemed “semi-frameless” has a header atop the unit, and any stationary glass is fully framed with slim profile channel. The door itself, however, does not have framing around it, hence the term “semi-frameless.”




Framed_2Framed shower enclosures are the most cost effective because they typically use 3/16” tempered or laminated glass with fairly substantial anodized aluminum extrusions. Although these units aren’t as flashy as fully frameless enclosures, our framed systems are built to last and are generally more attractive than comparable products from big-box home improvement stores. We do not offer any builder’s grade framed systems, the kind usually pre-installed in McMansions. Our framed showers are custom built for each individual space.


Frameless shower enclosures use either 3/8” orFrameless shower_1 1/2” tempered glass and either brass plated or anodized aluminum hardware. Within the shower industry, “frameless” refers to any shower enclosure that doesn’t have metal adhered to the edge of the glass. Some people think frameless means no metal whatsoever. This is not the case. Frameless units can be virtually metal-free, except for clips on any stationary panels, hinges, and handle. But frameless also covers units that may have a header atop the unit and u-channel on the stationary panels.



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