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  • This is for the height of the glass shower enclosure, and typical ranges are as follows:

    Tub: 56"-62"
    Shower: 72"-80"

    These dimensions are over and above your curb height. So if you have a 4" curb with a 76" tall shower door on top of it, the total height would end up being 80".
    Whenever possible, it's ideal to hinge doors off of tiled walls instead of adjacent stationary glass panels. Hinging off of glass panels requires upgrading to 1/2" thickness instead of 3/8". Also, there are limitations to how wide the stationary panel can be (approximately 22") in these applications.
  • Only applies to layouts like corner units, neo angles, etc., where two or more planes of glass meet each other at anywhere between 90 and 135 degrees.
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