Our Installation Process

We guarantee an installation process that is professional, conscientious, and timely. (Don’t take our word for it!) From start to finish, here’s a timeline of how our working relationship will unfold:

Planning For Your New Shower Door

After almost 30 years of focusing exclusively on shower doors, we know a thing or two about best practices and common pitfalls. And the number one thing we recommend is to invest some time up front in a little shower door research and thinking through your options before any remodeling work begins. You can save yourself a lot of time, frustration, and money by doing so – and open up design options you may not have otherwise considered! Fortunately, you can download our booklet of shower door design tips to kick off this process. And get in touch! We love to chat about design.


Shower Door Experts works closely with contractors, builders, architects, and homeowners during the initial planning. We provide suggestions and recommendations for each customized shower door. Whether the project is new construction or renovation, we can offer insights that will prevent unhappy surprises during production.


We would love to see you at our showroom! We can give you a free quote (and coffee!) as you browse our displays. But if you can’t make it over, you can request an estimate via our online Quote Request Form or just get in touch. You’ll need to provide us with rough dimensions and a desired hardware finish. Once we’ve completed our field measurement, we can offer a firm quote.


To do our best work, Shower Door Experts requires that all areas adjacent to the shower enclosure be tiled before we take a final field measurement. Once the tile work is complete, our installation technicians will perform a detailed site evaluation. We use accurate measuring tools, including laser levels and measure-fix devices, to create the final shop drawing. The final result is only as perfect as the accuracy of the measurement. It’s how we create a perfect fit for your custom shower project.

Laser measurement during bathroom renovation

The Sales Agreement

Once our experts have taken a precise field measurement, we’ll provide a firm price in the form of a sales agreement. This document is for our respective records and includes information on the shower enclosure, estimated lead time, pricing details, and terms of sale. We’ll specify a deposit amount, which we must receive to begin production. And now it’s time to make a shower door!


Shower Door Experts faxes the final shop drawing to our manufacturer and signs off on the final details to ensure accuracy. We then receive a confirmation of your order. For highly customized showers, we must also occasionally source various parts from additional vendors during the production phase. But soon…

Closer metal structure of the upper fasteners and rollers for the sliding glass door in the shower enclosure conjugated with the glass door to the sauna view in the interior


Once the glass panels and metal components of the enclosure have been manufactured to our specifications, they are carefully packed and shipped to our warehouse in Maryland. Upon their arrival, our dispatcher contacts the project manager or homeowner to schedule the installation.
When our staff arrives at the job site, you’ll really get to see us shine. They will install your beautiful new shower door with courtesy and precision. Every detail is important. After they install the glass components, our installation experts will seal the enclosure and clean the area thoroughly. Then it’s time to recheck everything to make sure you are 100% happy. We love it when you’re happy!


One last thing: a high-quality, professionally-installed shower door can be a thing of beauty for many years to come. We always leave you with information about recommended maintenance procedures. And Shower Door Experts provides a one year warranty on all products and labor.
Always get in touch with questions, requests, and feedback!

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What Our Clients Say

An excellent experience with Shower Door Experts. Measurements were perfect. Custom shower glass panel is beautiful.  And, the installers were great: professional, efficient, and very focused on doing everything right. Would definitely recommend.

Paula Law

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What our Clients Say

"Professional and Attentive"

“After much research we decided to use Shower Door Experts, and we are extremely happy about our experience. They are very professional and attentive to your needs!”

"I LOVE It!"

“Would greatly recommend Shower Door Experts. Very professional. Had my shower door installed yesterday and I LOVE it!!”

"You Can Have the Best"

“Sometimes you can have the best. The folks at Shower Door Experts know how to install a quality shower door and the end result is well worth the money.”