Why seal your shower enclosure?


Glass is a relatively porous material that, due to its physical and chemical properties, can corrode over time. To the naked eye it has a smooth surface, but in reality it consists of microscopic ridges and valleys. It’s in these valleys that mineral deposits and soap scum can live and breed. Opting for a glass sealant is like wrapping your shower in Teflon®. It’s certainly not a “fire the maid” situation, but it does reduce maintenance and keep your shower glass looking clear and clean. Our philosophy is that if it keeps you out of the bathroom scrubbing cumulatively for a weekend every year, it’s worth its weight in gold!

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Diamond Seal Systems – The Science of Clean™

The picture above says it all. On the left you see untreated glass, and on the right you see refurbished glass with DSS. It’s like night and day. There are many good brands and products available on the market that can protect your shower – but only one can be the BEST.


  • Your surfaces will stay cleaner and brighter than ever
  • Even spotted, stained and damaged glass can be restored
  • Surfaces become more hygienic
  • Interior and exterior surfaces will resist stains
  • Surfaces will become easier to clean and stay clean longer
  • Reduces dust accumulation and residue buildup
  • Reduces allergy triggers
  • Long-lasting germ, virus, and bacteria protection
  • Saves you time and money
  • Much easier to maintain
  • No harsh cleaners or chemicals
  • Maintenance reduced by 70%
  • A healthy home through GREEN living
  • Limited lifetime warranty

DSS is available on all Shower Door Experts glass showers