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Acid Etched Shower Door in Greencastle PA

Shower Door of the Week: Acid Etched Cambridge Unit in Greencastle, Pennsylvania For those who prefer to keep the mystery alive, we present: acid etched shower doors! This is our popular Cambridge double sliding unit, fully frameless for a stylish mo

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Getting A-round in Annapolis

Shower Door of the Week: Rounded Operable Spray Panel in Annapolis, Maryland New year, new shower door – check out the rounded corner on that spray panel! Technically, it’s a ’10” radius edge,’ if you want to sound like

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Holy Smokes! Smoked Glass in Martinsburg

Shower Door of the Week: Smoked Glass in Martinsburg, West Virginia These unique smoked glass showers caused a lot of excitement in the showroom this week! They were referred to as “The Blackout,” “glorious,” and “a bad

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3rd Annual Hand Turkey Contest!

It’s our 3rd annual hand turkey contest! We love this tradition and get a kick out of seeing your artwork. And you can win some fabulous prizes!  You can find the complete details of the contest here, but these are the basic rules:  Draw a tu

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Spray Panel in Harper’s Ferry

Shower Door of the Week: Spray Panel in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia Say it, don’t spray it! …is not actually the tagline here. We’ll keep working on that. But we did want to say: we’re big fans of how this project turn

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Expert Advice: Cleaning Your Shower Door

Cleaning Glass: an Expert’s Guide On a recent Facebook post, somebody new commented: “Offer [a shower door] you can get clean. One that you don’t need vinegar, SOS pads and sand paper and hours of hard elbow grease.” And, friends,

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Most Famous Halloween Shower Film?

You’re probably thinking, “Oh oh, I know this one: Psycho! That’s the most famous shower in horror film history!” And… you’re right. But did we make the second best shower-related video? We think so. We are truly l

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Full Height Corner in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Shower Door of the Week: Full Height Corner Unit in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania It’s been awhile since we shared a photo from Pennsylvania! We’re located in Jefferson, Maryland – just outside Frederick. But our service area takes us to

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Expert Advice: Matte Black Trend

Matte black is a bathroom design trend that’s here to stay! We get quite a few questions and comments about matte black options, so here are some ideas to consider when you’re considering a new shower look… Black and Light One of th

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National Coloring Day: Win a Ducky!

Happy National Coloring Day! In June 2020, as the covid pandemic became our reality, our office experts wanted to spread some joy and aid into the community. Our very own marketing expert Jordan (of Camp Nightmare podcast fame!), created these colori

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