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Wet Room Shower Doors in Martinsburg, WV

Shower Door of the Week: Custom Frameless Corner Shower Doors in Martinsburg, West Virginia Free-Standing This West Virginia homeowner wanted the wet room bathroom experience, so we made it happen with a custom frameless shower door. Frequently, so-c

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Framed Bypass Sliding Shower Doors in Frederick, MD

Shower Door of the Week: Framed Bypass Sliding Shower Doors in Frederick, Maryland Framed bypass sliding shower doors are the most affordable option when upgrading from a shower curtain to shower doors. This Lucette bypass system manufactured by Cent

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Completely Customized in Clifton, VA

A completely customized shower door is art and science! We often have to use notched panels* to accommodate tub decks, knee walls, and bench seats. (A notched panel a stationary piece of glass shaped like Oklahoma flipped on its panhandle.) All in a

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Grid Shower Door in Matte Black

Shower Door of the Week: Matte Black Grid Shower Door in Kensington, MD This grid shower door we recently installed in Kensington, Maryland is doubly on trend! Grid showers and matte black are both having a moment, and we love it. The doors we instal

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Frameless in Charles Town

Shower Door of the Week: Frameless Glass in Charles Town, West Virginia Full disclosure: this shower door unit is actually located right outside of Charles Town, in Kearneysville, West Virginia. But we’ve been picking up more and more busines

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Why Panel-Door-Panel?

Shower Door of the Week: Panel-Door-Panel in Ellicott City, Maryland So, you’ve decided on a swing door instead of a sliding door for your shower alcove. Great! But how many panels will you choose!? A door & panel layout is the most popular

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Corner Shower Barn Doors in Ashburn, VA

We love everything about this modern monochrome bathroom in Ashburn, Virginia! And it was an honor to provide the capstone for the remodel: a custom Serenity shower door. Serenity shower doors are a single-sliding barn door style. This means only one

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Frameless Corner Shower Door in Olney, MD

The homeowners clearly went above and beyond designing their “dream bathroom” on this project, so the pressure was on us to really deliver the goods when it came time for the shower doors! Fortunately, we were up to task, and this corner

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Shower Door Experts Annual Pig Roast

A big thanks to all our friends and contractors who made it out to our annual pig roast this month! We appreciate the dedication our employees give to Shower Door Experts and enjoy celebrating their success with music, food, and brews. Special thanks

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Shower Thoughts: Glass is Weird

Shower Thought… Are edible glass doors the the future!? Well, no. But here are some things to think about the next time you gaze upon your gorgeous custom glass shower door! Did you know: Glass is an amorphous solid. So is cotton candy! Their

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