A Tale of Maryland Tubs

Shower Door(s) of the Week: Three Tub Units in Maryland

Rub-a-dub-dub*, y’all! We’ve installed some very cool tub units lately and thought we’d showcase three of them in one post.

*Note: you might want to wait until our favorite holiday, Shower with a Friend Day (February 5th), to try fitting three people in a tub?

Bathtub #1: A Cambridge Education

This is our standard alcove Cambridge unit, with its sleek minimal dual-sliding system. It comes standard with one towel bar and one disc knob. (Fun fact: the disc knob will always be on the side of the shower head.) It’s not quite as minimalist as the Phantom (see below), but it’s a far cry from the metallic monsters of bygone days. Though I personally love fully framed and not ashamed shower doors…

Tub #2: Disc Knobs for Days

I’m just going to need to stare at these stunning walls for awhile. (…) Okay, I’m back! Do you recognize this shower door? Yep, it’s another Cambridge, this time a corner unit. Here you can really see how its low profile metal thresholds showcase custom tile work and stunning walls. (…) Here in the office we’re digging the choice of dual disc knobs – versus the standard disc + towel bar above. It’s a solid move for that minimalist frameless look. The best part is that choosing two disc knobs doesn’t even cost more money! Groovy.

Tub #3: The Phantom of Middletown

Did we forget to install the shower door? Of course not! The Phantom unit is already about as invisible as it gets, but as Expert Schuyler notes, “They upgraded to low-iron like some smart folks. Phantoms look infinitely better with low-iron. Sexy af.” What’s he on about? (We ask. Every day.) Low iron glass is free of the slightly green tint that regular glass gets from its iron content. If you’re interested in the phantom invisibility against light or white tile, you should certainly consider it.  And the smart folks even splashed out for a glass towel bar! That’s some real commitment to glass. We love to see it.

If you made it this far, you might enjoy geeking out about showers, glass, bubble baths… we’re here for all of it. You can get in touch any time for free quotes, top tips, questionable jokes, etc. You will also find more photos (and questionable jokes) on Facebook or Instagram.

Bonus Content

My original poem to Schuyler, in thanks for his ongoing support for Shower Door Sunday:

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