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It can be overwhelming to try to make sense of all the different shower door layouts, styles, models, and options available to you. For instance, certain models are available for certain layouts but not for others (e.g., they work for walk-in alcove showers but not corner showers, etc.). So we’ve tried to organize our shower door pictures in a way that makes it easy to see what options are available to you, based on the layout of your shower or tub, and your style preferences!

We’ve divided our shower door pictures into separate pages based on the most common layouts we see (you can click on a layout below or use the main navigation menu to get to these picture pages):

Alcove Showers

Standard walk-in shower with a wall-to-wall opening for shower doors. These openings work with swing doors, sliding doors, and stationary spray panels.

Corner Showers

Shower with glass on two sides, meeting at 90-degrees. Many corner showers have a tub deck or knee wall on one side. These openings work with swing doors, sliding doors, and stationary spray panels.

Neo Angle Showers

Shower with glass on three sides (or two in the case of 2/3 neo angles) that meet each other at 135-degrees. Swing doors are the only option with neo angle layouts.


Standard tub with a wall-to-wall opening for tub doors. These openings work with sliding doors and stationary spray panels, but occasionally we've installed swing doors too.

We also have a Miscellaneous Pics page with galleries for:

  • Steam shower enclosures
  • Custom layouts and custom glass (sandblasting, etc.)
  • Framed and Semi-Frameless shower doors
  • Bench seats
  • Detail tile notches (of granite/marble overhangs)
  • Glass shelves

And lastly, we have a shower door Videos page, where we post video content about:

  • Specific shower door models
  • Hardware videos
  • Fun, in-house branded content (SDTV: Shower Door Television)
  • Miscellaneous informational videos

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