Our Community Involvement

Color For a Cause: Middletown Valley Food Bank

In the summer 2020, we donated $1 to our local food bank for every colored page you send to us! These sheets were created by our very own Expert Jordan to lift our spirits. Download as many as you want here:

You can send them to us on Facebook or email office@showerdoorexperts.com

Dog Charity Partnership

We are as excited as a Labrador’s tail to support local dog rescue group For Otis Sake as Guardian Angel Corporate Sponsors.

Our Green Commitment

We care about ethical environmental practices, and we’re lucky to work in an industry with lots of potential. Because glass is made of silica, it’s a naturally green product. Our green initiative is a commitment to keeping our community and planet clean and verdant for generations to come.

  • Buy a significant amount of our glass locally to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Highly discount our glass sealant products, which reduce or eliminate the need for toxic chemicals when you clean
  • Use GPS to plan and coordinate all appointments, creating efficient routes that save fuel
  • Reduce our paper trail with email and a digital fax system, taking care to only print out documents when absolutely necessary
  • Recycle first, throw away last: we only use our local landfill as a last resort

Diamond Seal Systems

Diamond Seal Systems helps us get harsh chemicals out of your shower. DSS’s Science of Clean™ Glass Sealant and cleaning products reduce allergens, germs, and soap scum. We love keeping your home healthy and clean through green living!

What our Clients Say

"Professional and Attentive"

“After much research we decided to use Shower Door Experts, and we are extremely happy about our experience. They are very professional and attentive to your needs!”

"I LOVE It!"

“Would greatly recommend Shower Door Experts. Very professional. Had my shower door installed yesterday and I LOVE it!!”

"You Can Have the Best"

“Sometimes you can have the best. The folks at Shower Door Experts know how to install a quality shower door and the end result is well worth the money.”