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Full Height & Full Heart in Rockville, Maryland

Shower Door of the Week: Full Height Door-and-Panel in Rockville, Maryland We went to great lengths to get this door installed. Eh? Eh? 😂 Well, technically, we went to great heights. This full height corner door-and-panel unit is a perfect match f

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A Tale of Two Maryland Showers

Shower Door(s) of the Week: Minimalist v. Cozy in Maryland We couldn’t decide which of these custom showers to feature this week, so why not both? About the only thing they have in common is that they’re both in Maryland and keep water of

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Steamy Riddles in Rockville

Shower Door of the Week: Steam Unit with a Unique Transom in Rockville, Maryland Two words: Steam unit. Check your shoulders. Are they tense? Steam unit. We install the floor-to-ceiling glass to keep all that warm goodness inside, where it melts your

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New Shower Door in New Market, Maryland

Shower Door of the Week: Frameless Door and Panel in New Market, Maryland The word of the week is “NEW”! In the midst of geeking out about shower door features, it’s easy to forget the most basic principle. We want you to have a new

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Thoroughly Modern in Kearneysville

Shower Door of the Week: Modern Styling in Kearneysville, West Virginia Are you digging this thoroughly modern shower door look? Let’s break down how to pull it off! 1. Matte Black Hardware As we’ve written before, matte black is having a

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Maryland Day 2021

Happy Maryland Day! We’ve been a proud Maryland-based business for 30 years! Although we install shower doors in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and DC too, Maryland has a special place in our heart. This past Thursday was Maryland Day,

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Times are Changing in Middletown

Shower Door of the Week: Chrome Hardware in Middletown, Maryland As we spring forward this weekend, let’s lighten things up! Recent picks for shower door of the week have been dominated by dark hardware. And there’s no doubt that matte bl

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Modern Minimalism in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Shower Door of the Week: Modern Minimalism in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia When you think “Harpers Ferry,” you might picture winding cobbled streets, quaint shops, and historic walks along the Potomac. You probably don’t think, R

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Headers Up Keedysville!

Shower Door of the Week: Oil Rubbed Bronze Header in Keedysville, Maryland Me: Hey, experts! What can you tell me about the shower door of the week? Emmarose: It’s a ORB GAP PDP CAR01 hinges. with a SQ6x6! Me: … Noah: It also has a custom

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Shower With a Friend Day

That’s right! It’s our second annual Shower with a Friend Day! Over on Facebook, we learned that many of you prefer to shower alone. And that makes sense – more hot water for you!! One of you was a lot more excited about snow shower

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