Almost Heaven West Virginia Shower

Shower Door of the Week: Panel Door Panel in Kearneysville, West Virginia

This West Virginia shower sure does look heavenly to us! Okay, that might be the photo flash, but that’s not the point… We truly love how this project turned out. It’s a perfect example of how you can mix darker hardware like matte black or, here, oil rubbed bronze with both greys and browns. Matte black was the superstar of 2020, but we’re also seeing an uptick in oil rubbed bronze hardware recently. Mixing and matching patterns like the grey rectangular tile with brown pebble floor is a fun way to add visual interest to your shower space.

These Kearneysville clients also went with low iron glass. If you’ve been following along with the blog, you’ll know that low iron glass is more optically clear than regular glass. We recommend it for light-colored tile, especially. If you haven’t been following along, welcome! You can also find us over on Facebook and Instagram, where we post lots of design inspiration and also fun content like our own comics series.

Enjoy! And do say howdy if you spot our van anywhere in Berkeley or Jefferson county, West Virginia! We’re often out that way and love it when people say hello.


Custom Renovation in Columbia

Shower Door of the Week:  Custom Corner Shower Renovation in Columbia, Maryland

This job was a custom renovation by our local friends at Covey Construction, and they asked us to install the glass shower door. Because, you know, we’re the experts! Teamwork makes the shower dream work.

Custom renovation of a corner shower unit with glass door

Technical information if you want to discuss something similar:

This corner unit has a panel-door-panel design, with the door swinging on pivot hinges. Glass-to-glass pivot hinges allow us to put the hinges adjacent to the knee wall without having to drill into it. If you love this exact look, ask us about Cardiff hinges, Coda pull handle, and Coda robe hook. All in chrome. If you’re still pondering your options, feel free to look at our hardware options and online brochures.

Also ask about low iron glass. These Columbians opted for this glass that is more optically clear – no green tinge – and looks fantastic against lighter colored tile. It’s not a “must,” but if you’re serious about a shower renovation that makes you oooh and aaah, it’s definitely worth considering.

We’re always happy to chat about design and recommend contractors for your renovation. And you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for design inspiration – and upcoming spooooky Halloween content…

Creepy hand behind glass bathroom window

Modern Matte Black Shower in Maryland

Panel door panel corner shower with a towel bar and robe hook in matte black

On the practical side of this design, the single-sided towel bar on the panel over the bath tub adds valuable bath real estate for wash cloths and towels. The interior robe hook is great for a loofah. We’re guessing they’ll go for a black loofah?

We’d love to know what you think about this design – really! Matte black: yea? nay? We are quite active on Facebook, and you can also get in touch the old fashioned ways – well, not carrier pigeons but, you know, phones and email! We’re also on Instagram where we share even more shower door pics for design inspiration.

Why Panel-Door-Panel?

Shower Door of the Week: Panel-Door-Panel in Ellicott City, Maryland

So, you’ve decided on a swing door instead of a sliding door for your shower alcove. Great! But how many panels will you choose!? A door & panel layout is the most popular choice. But some customers prefer a panel-door-panel system like this gorgeous frameless shower enclosure we recently installed in Ellicott City, MD instead.

There are three main reasons why you might choose the panel-door-panel option:

1. We can adjust the panel sizes to account for other bathroom fixtures. Sometimes homeowners will want a door between a 24” panel to clear a toilet on the left and a 6” panel to clear a towel bar on the right. Panel-door-panel shower doors have a lot of bathroom layout flexibility.

2. Some customers are all about symmetry. The door & panel layout almost never has perfect symmetry between the door and panel widths. The panel-door-panel option, on the other hand, makes centering a door between two equal-sized panels a piece of cake. 

3. Door & panel shower doors have limited width. They max out at widths of 60” when hinging off of a wall and 54” when hinging off of the glass panel. For openings wider than this, a metal header would be required, which undermines the “fully frameless” look most customers want. The panel-door-panel option can accommodate widths up to 76” without needing a metal header for stability! So for relatively wide shower alcove openings, opting for a panel-door-panel means choosing the “most frameless” option available. 

Give us a shout if you want to discuss all-things-panel! Are you in Ellicott City? Great! Are you somewhere else in Maryland? Virginia? West Virginia? Washington DC? We got you covered. Check out our showroom and service area to see if we can help you with the shower door of your drams!

If you’re really keen to get started, send us your rough dimensions for a free quote!

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