Modern Corner Shower Door in Adamstown, MD

We recently installed this corner shower enclosure in Adamstown, MD, outside of Frederick. It has several hardware upgrades that complement the modern decor of the bathroom.



Bathroom Fixtures

The fixtures in this bathroom are very modern. Note the brushed nickel shower panel on the wet wall. It is a functional way to consolidate the shower controls, rain head, and body spray into a stylish, unified fixture. Also note the bathtub spigot, which has a modern, geometric vibe. We recommended accessories for the glass shower enclosure that would complement the style of the bathroom.

Modern Shower Hardware


The Taiga series of accessories from Portals Hardware ended up being a good fit. Our customer opted for a handle upgrade, selecting the Taiga 6″ modern square pull:


The customer also chose the matching Taiga robe hook, which shares the distinctive square look of hardware suite:

Robe hooks can be a great addition to stationary glass panels. They’re small enough not to be a distraction, but they’re godsends during cooler times of the year, when having a robe in arm’s reach can make or break your morning routine.

Frameless Corner Shower Design

Like most corner showers, the shower pan in this bathroom is directly adjacent to a soaking tub. This requires a notched stationary glass panel beside the shower door and a buttressed return panel at 90 degrees. We notched out the granite overhang on the knee wall to accommodate low-profile u-channel at the base of the shower enclosure.

The corner clamp on the corner and the glass-to-wall clamp on the back wall are also from the Taiga hardware series. They are there to ensure the glass remains stable, but their 2″x2″ dimensions ensure that the unit retains a frameless look. The glass-to-wall hinges are also from the Taiga line.

Frameless Shower Doors in Frederick County, MD

Frederick County, Maryland is our home, and we are blessed that so many of our neighbors welcome us into theirs! We offer special discounts to our neighbors in the Frederick area, and we invite you to visit our shower door showroom in Jefferson, MD for a free consultation.

Frameless Neo Angle Shower Door in Frederick, MD

We recently installed this frameless neo angle shower door in Frederick, MD using 3/8” glass and oil rubbed bronze hardware. This frameless shower enclosure uses a low-profile header and pivot hinges, both of which distribute the weight of the shower door downward towards the curb of the shower.

Customers have different aesthetic preferences when it comes to frameless shower doors, and this system caters to those who prefer clean vertical lines of sight. Frameless glass shower doors that do not use a header require glass-to-glass hinges located approximately 8” up from the bottom unit and 8” down from the top of the unit. Using a header also eliminates square glass clamps—or brackets—on the two walls. As seen in the picture, there is absolutely no metal hardware used on the walls of this neo angle shower enclosure, just glass and tile sealed with translucent silicone. Both frameless styles are handsome and stable, so choosing one over the other is more a matter of preference than functionality.

Since the right panel of this shower enclosure rests on a neo angle knee wall, the door has a mitered—or angled—edge to ensure a tight seal. Neo angle shower pans typically have three sides that meet at 135-degree angles. By mitering the shower door, we were able to accommodate the neo angle knee wall.

Custom Shower Door Handle

This shower enclosure also has an upgraded Portals Symphony shower handle in oil rubbed bronze. The décor of this bathroom is rustic and traditional, and this handle option matches the style of the other bathroom fixtures perfectly. We have many custom shower handles and towel bars on display at our shower door showroom just outside of Frederick, MD in Jefferson, and we welcome you to visit us there any time for a consultation or shower door estimate. You can also get a shower door estimate online by filling out our quote request form.

Frameless Neo Angle Shower Door in Gainesville, VA

Frameless Neo Angle Shower Door in Gainesville, VA

We recently completed this frameless neo angle shower door in Gainesville, VA. It’s an interesting shower enclosure for several reasons. First, it’s a relatively tall unit, coming in just under 82” in height. Second, the two stationary panels are both on knee walls, and they have custom angles. This is not uncommon with custom neo angles. In fact, it’s one of the benefits of custom neo angle work: not being bound to 135-degree angles if the layout of the bathroom or look of the shower can benefit from alternatives.

To account for the knee walls, we used a glass-to-glass hinge at the top of the door and a glass-to-wall hinge at the bottom of the door. This requires very precise installation, or else the door won’t align properly. Since the weight of the door is partially supported by the stationary glass panel on the left, we used 1/2” thick glass panels and a 3/8” door. This reduces the load the panel needs to support and reduces the number of glass clamps required on the back walls. Whenever possible, using a single glass clamp is desirable because it helps create a more frameless look.

An added benefit of this job was getting to work in Prince William County. We’ve done a number of jobs in Manassas and Gainesville over the years, and that part of Virginia is a really unique and beautiful part of the country, especially in autumn. Our shower door showroom is in Jefferson, MD—about an hour away from Prince William County, VA—is popular with residents in that area because a) it has the most comprehensive selection of full-size shower door displays in the DC area, and b) because a scenic 1-hour drive towards Maryland on Route 15 is more peaceful and enjoyable than a 1-hour bumper-to-bumper drive towards DC on Route 66!

Modern Sliding Frameless Bathtub Doors in Washington, DC

We recently completed this shower installation in Washington, DC, and we had to get a little creative to accommodate the size and layout of the bathroom.

Since the sink was right beside the tub and the space was relatively small, we needed to use a sliding tub system. You can see from the tile work and fixtures, that the homeowner had invested a fair amount of time and resources renovating the space, and we wanted to spotlight that as much as possible. Because of that and the raised listello tile band around the perimeter of the tiled area, a standard bypass sliding system was not the right choice.

We recommended the Serenity sliding shower enclosure for a few reasons. One, it’s a very sleek and frameless system, which matched the homeowner’s design preferences and helped make the space feel more bright and open. Two, since the Serenity doesn’t require any metal along the wall, we were able to tastefully notch out the raised listello tile and seamlessly slot in the glass. Bypass sliding shower doors have metal wall jambs, so they would’ve been an impractical choice given the custom tile work.

To account for the limited space the placement of the sink, we needed to get creative with giving the homeowners an option to turn on and adjust the shower without getting soaking wet in the process. So we designed and fabricated a small glass window inset in the stationary panel of the Serenity system. That way, the homeowner could use the sliding panel to get in and out through the rear of the bathtub, but they could use the inset swinging transom to get the water to a comfortable temperature beforehand.

It ended up being a flawless installation, and the homeowner seems pleased with both the design and creative functionality of the unit.


Serenity Modern Sliding Shower Doors in Middletown, MD

The Serenity sliding shower door system is a good example of a new breed of modern sliding shower enclosures that are increasingly popular with homeowners and prospective buyers. Systems like the Serenity, Hydroslide, and Essence are popular because they maintain a sleek, frameless look while offering the space-saving benefits of a sliding shower system. In comparison to the bypass sliding shower door systems that these units are displacing, the hardware is minimal and stylish, and the glass is thicker (3/8” versus 3/16” or 1/4”).

The Serenity hardware package is one of our favorites in this product category. It has several practical features, such as small glass clamps for the stationary glass and innovative anti-derailing mechanisms, integrated into the header design. We also like the industrial, mechanical aesthetic of the hardware package, and this design motif is more and more popular in the Washington, DC Metro region. People are moving away from more conservative and traditional bathroom hardware options in many cases and opting for modern, minimalist sinks, toilets, tubs, tile, and shower enclosures.

We recently installed this Serenity shower enclosure in Middletown, MD, near our shower door showroom near Frederick, MD, in a bathroom that fits this bill. The homeowners had recently renovated the space, installing a gorgeous modern sink and a low-profile porcelain tub alongside immaculate new tile work. Based on their design choices, the space definitely needed a frameless shower enclosure to complete it, as a framed or semi-frameless unit would have clashed with the modern aesthetic. At the same time, the size and layout of the bathroom limited their frameless options because the space precluded the use of a swinging glass door. A modern sliding shower unit like the Serenity was a perfect fit in this context.


The Serenity system has a lot of benefits versus more traditional bypass sliding units. First, most bypass slider units are limited by stock heights, and since this homeowner’s shower enclosure set atop a tub and needed to clear a decorative band of listello tile, the custom height option was imperative.

Second, the layout required a return panel on the knee wall at 90 degrees like a corner shower unit, and the Serenity hardware system accommodates this layout with very little additional hardware to stabilize the glass. Many bypass systems employ a metal corner post where the stationary glass meets the sliding panels. However, with frameless modern sliding shower systems like the Serenity, the header fits into a cutout in the stationary return panel. That panel is then firmly secured to the back wall using a small glass clamp. It’s a smart, sturdy design that doesn’t sacrifice stability or rely on bulky metal hardware.

Third, the stock handle on the Serenity shower enclosure is a disc knob, which is both a handsome and space-saving piece of hardware. Since it doesn’t protrude like other handles and knobs, it provides an additional 3” of walkthrough space, which makes it more convenient to get in and out of the shower enclosure. It may not sound like a lot, but it makes a big difference in accessing the shower controls.

Everything came together as planned on this job. It’s always rewarding to match the perfect unit with the space we’re given to work with. In this case, the Serenity shower enclosure was a perfect fit with the homeowner’s layout and design preferences, and it will be the centerpiece of this gorgeous bathroom for many years to come.

Custom Angled Shower Door in Woodbine, MD


We installed this custom angled shower door in Woodbine, MD last week, and we’re very pleased with the outcome! It was a difficult layout and measurement since the top of the shower enclosure had to be parallel with the angled ceiling. Another difficult aspect was the hinge location. You can see that we used a glass-to-glass hinge at the top and a glass-to-wall hinge at the bottom, which requires very precise adjustment and installation.

Our entire team did a great job though, and it really couldn’t have turned out better. With a job like this, things can go wrong at any number of stages. If the measurement isn’t perfect? The angle of the glass will not be perfectly parallel to the angle of the ceiling. If the fabrication isn’t perfect? The same problem can occur, or the gap between the shower door and the glass panels may be too wide, or the radius edge on the top right corner of the stationary panel won’t look right. Our fabricators did a phenomenal job on this one though.

The same goes for the shower door installation as well. If the installation isn’t perfect? None of the other steps matter, because the unit won’t look or operate as it should. Our installers took their time and made sure the installation was perfect, however, and it really shows. The homeowners have a custom shower enclosure tailored perfectly to their custom bathroom, and it should be a real conversation piece for many years to come. We always feel fortunate to be involved with “statement” shower enclosures like these.

We also feel fortunate to live and work in this area, because there are few drives as picturesque as those through Howard County and Carroll County. We do plenty of shower doors in Baltimore and Washington, DC—and there’s plenty to be inspired by on those commutes as well—but it’s hard to beat the greenery and rolling hills out by Woodbine and Westminster. It’s worth taking an aimless drive out that way if you’re looking for some peaceful and inspiring views. And you can always swing by our shower door showroom in Jefferson, MD—near Frederick—if you do!

Custom Neo Angle in Leesburg VA

Frameless Corner Shower in Bethesda Maryland

Frosted Frameless Steam Shower in Frederick, MD

Privacy is a primary concern for many, even those with large bathrooms.This beautiful steam unit features our acid etch (frosted) glass which provides privacy in the front of the unit and a view of the shower from the side (or return). By allowing this view using clear glass, you are capable of seeing the full landscape of the shower as well as the gorgeous detail tile and added wash cloth/squeegee hooks.

Steam showers are also a great way to relax and enjoy your time in the shower. They also help remove toxins and cleanse pores while also relieving joint and muscle pain.This steam application allows the option to ventilate any steam from the shower by pivoting the transom above once you are finished showering. Keep in mind the room’s walls, ceiling, and floor must be made of material that is  impervious to the hot, moist vapor.Contact us today to review your next steam shower project!


Maximize your Shower Space!


Best of Use of Space in Small Showers

Bathrooms are becoming a more common project for homeowners nowadays. In relation to remodeling a bathroom comes the idea of expanding or developing new layouts for a shower unit. Despite some still maintaining the current size, a new study shows that 2/3 of Americans that are remodeling their bathroom increase the size of the shower unit.

With this new trend, most wonder what the purpose or benefit would be. By enlarging your space for a shower unit, you are allowed to fit more accessories such as shelves/niches, additional shower heads, grab bars, etc. The Boomer generation is 3x more likely to install grab bars inside the shower which requires more room. These larger showers also leads to more ease of access an obvious increase in space creating a more comfortable and spa-like atmosphere. 

Contact us today for help on designing your next shower unit!

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