Clear Glass Versus Low-Iron (HD) Glass

The vast majority of customers opt for standard clear glass when they purchase frameless shower doors from us. However, more and more customers are upgrading to low-iron glass, which is also known as HD glass or starfire glass.

Iron content is what gives clear glass a slight green tint on its edges. Unless you see clear glass side-by-side with low-iron glass, however, this green tint generally isn’t very noticeable. But when homeowners have invested in intricate tile work (especially when it is lightly colored), many prefer low-iron glass, because it is more optically clear and gives the shower enclosure a more defined luster.

Clear glass (left) versus Low-Iron glass (right)

Textured Shower Glass

We also offer various textured glass options, as seen below. Textured glass options can be appealing from a design standpoint, any many also lend themselves to privacy. But we encourage customers to keep in mind that textured glasses reduce the amount light that makes its way into a shower enclosure. Also, textured glass shower enclosures can reduce the perceived space within a bathroom, making already small spaces feel more claustrophobic. This is something to keep in mind when selecting glass for your shower enclosure.