Framed Bypass Sliding Shower Doors in Frederick, MD

Shower Door of the Week: Framed Bypass Sliding Shower Doors in Frederick, Maryland

Framed bypass sliding shower doors are the most affordable option when upgrading from a shower curtain to shower doors. This Lucette bypass system manufactured by Century Bathworks in New Jersey is a high-quality take on this entry-level style of shower doors.

Framed bypass sliding shower doors in fiberglass surrounds.

Not only are these units affordable, they are also versatile. Framed shower doors have thinner glass than frameless shower doors: 5/32” or 1/4” glass for framed shower doors versus 3/8” or 1/2” for frameless shower doors. This means they can be mounted on fiberglass surrounds like the one pictured. Frameless shower doors tend to require tiled surfaces with 2×4 backing to support the weight of the shower doors. But since these framed units are so much lighter, we are able to safely install them in prefabbed shower surrounds.

The main difference between framed bypass sliding shower doors and semi-frameless bypass sliding shower doors is the metal framing around the glass panels. Both types of units have metal around the periphery: two wall jambs, a header, and a sliding track/drip rail. But only framed shower door systems have additional metal around each individual glass panel. For some people, that additional metal is a deal breaker. Either way, framed shower doors are way more handsome than a dingy shower curtain!

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