Glass clamps (or “clips” or “brackets”) keep stationary panels secure in frameless showers enclosures. Whether it’s a glass-to-wall clamp, a corner clamp (where glass meets at 90 degrees), or a neo angle clamp (where glass meets at 135 degrees), we use solid brass clamps plated in the hardware finish of your choosing (chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, etc.). Like our shower hinges, we offer glass clamps in straight, beveled, and radius corner styles. All can be seen below.

Straight Glass Clamps

SCU4 Glass-to-Wall Shower Clamp

SGC90 Corner Shower Clamp

SGC135 Neo Angle Shower Clamp

GE90S Glass-to-Wall Shower Clamp (matches Geneva or Vienna Shower Hinges)

Beveled Glass Clamps

BCU4 Beveled Glass-to-Wall Shower Clamp

BGC90 Beveled Corner Shower Clamp

BGC135 Beveled Neo Angle Shower Clamp

P190S Beveled Glass-to-Wall Shower Clamp (matches Cologne or Pinnacle Shower Hinges)

Radius Corner Glass Clamps

UC77 Radius Corner Glass-to-Wall Shower Clamp

GCB90 Radius Corner Corner Shower Clamp

GCB135 Radius Corner Neo Angle Shower Clamp

ADJ180 Radius Corner Adjustable Angle Shower Clamps (for angles that aren’t 90 or 135)