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Glass shelves are an attractive, easy, and inexpensive solution to shower storage. Installation only takes about 20 minutes and costs way less than a built-in niche.  

Some other benefits of a custom glass shelf:

  • Location! Put the shelves exactly where you want them for comfort and safety
  • Easily add more matching shelves at any time
  • Match your shelf hardware to your custom shower and bathroom
  • Choose traditional or contemporary brackets and clips to fit your style
  • Place glass shelves in your niche for flexible storage solutions

Shower Door Experts offers ⅜ inch thick tempered glass shelves in 3 sizes: 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12. We install these directly on the shower tile. Shelves can be installed at the same time as your new shower door or any time after.
If you’re still trying to decide how to store all your shower stuff, here are some ideas and tips from your Shower Door Experts:

Please do get in touch to discuss all-things-shelving.

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An excellent experience with Shower Door Experts. Measurements were perfect. Custom shower glass panel is beautiful.  And, the installers were great: professional, efficient, and very focused on doing everything right. Would definitely recommend.

Paula Law

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What our Clients Say

"Professional and Attentive"

“After much research we decided to use Shower Door Experts, and we are extremely happy about our experience. They are very professional and attentive to your needs!”

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“Would greatly recommend Shower Door Experts. Very professional. Had my shower door installed yesterday and I LOVE it!!”

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“Sometimes you can have the best. The folks at Shower Door Experts know how to install a quality shower door and the end result is well worth the money.”