Frameless Shower Door and Panel in Boonsboro, MD

Ten years ago, we weren’t installing many frameless shower doors in Washington County, Maryland. Outside of Hagerstown, there just weren’t many high-end bathroom remodels being undertaken.

The landscape has changed dramatically since then, however. We’ve been picking up a lot of work in the southern part of the county recently, especially in towns like Sharpsburg and Boonsboro. There are a lot of beautiful old homes in these areas (and across the bridge into Shepherdstown, WV) where an upgraded bathroom can be a transformative project.

Besides the high ROI potential, replacing a clawfoot tub with a glass shower enclosure, for instance, can have a huge impact on one’s day-to-day routine. Anyone who has showered in a clawfoot tub with a jerry-rigged shower head and shower curtain knows it is a distinctly different experience than stepping into a glass shower enclosure each morning. Wiping the sleep from your eyes underneath a high-pressure rain shower head, ensconced in billowing steam, is like a shot of espresso!

Tiled Shower with Knee Wall in Boonsboro, MD

This frameless glass shower door we recently installed in Boonsboro is a great example of the design possibilities. The homeowner renovated their bathroom and had their contractor install beautiful, intricate tile work in the shower space. Note the integrated tile bench seat. Ever tried to shave your legs in a clawfoot tub?! It can be a dangerous, acrobatic feat. Incorporating a bench seat into a shower design is every bit as practical as it is relaxing for this reason.

The design also incorporates a 42″ high knee wall. The contractor left a comfortable 30″ opening for the shower door, so we were able to fabricate this unit as a door and buttressed inline panel, leaving maximum walkthrough space. The brushed nickel hardware finish of the shower hardware matches the brushed nickel framing detail around some of the tile work, as seen on the left wall.


We could not be more pleased with how this project turned out! The frameless glass shower enclosure is just one of several attractive features in this upgraded bathroom, but it will be among the most heavily used on a day-to-day basis.