Frameless Neo Angle Shower Door in Frederick, MD

We recently installed this frameless neo angle shower door in Frederick, MD using 3/8” glass and oil rubbed bronze hardware. This frameless shower enclosure uses a low-profile header and pivot hinges, both of which distribute the weight of the shower door downward towards the curb of the shower.

Customers have different aesthetic preferences when it comes to frameless shower doors, and this system caters to those who prefer clean vertical lines of sight. Frameless glass shower doors that do not use a header require glass-to-glass hinges located approximately 8” up from the bottom unit and 8” down from the top of the unit. Using a header also eliminates square glass clamps—or brackets—on the two walls. As seen in the picture, there is absolutely no metal hardware used on the walls of this neo angle shower enclosure, just glass and tile sealed with translucent silicone. Both frameless styles are handsome and stable, so choosing one over the other is more a matter of preference than functionality.

Since the right panel of this shower enclosure rests on a neo angle knee wall, the door has a mitered—or angled—edge to ensure a tight seal. Neo angle shower pans typically have three sides that meet at 135-degree angles. By mitering the shower door, we were able to accommodate the neo angle knee wall.

Custom Shower Door Handle

This shower enclosure also has an upgraded Portals Symphony shower handle in oil rubbed bronze. The décor of this bathroom is rustic and traditional, and this handle option matches the style of the other bathroom fixtures perfectly. We have many custom shower handles and towel bars on display at our shower door showroom just outside of Frederick, MD in Jefferson, and we welcome you to visit us there any time for a consultation or shower door estimate. You can also get a shower door estimate online by filling out our quote request form.

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An excellent experience with Shower Door Experts. Measurements were perfect. Custom shower glass panel is beautiful.  And, the installers were great: professional, efficient, and very focused on doing everything right. Would definitely recommend.

Paula Law

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