3 Recent Shower Door Installations in the Frederick Area

We had a great holiday season at Shower Door Experts! But after the 1st, it was time to get back to business. And we’ve done some really good work in January so far. Here are a few jobs in the Frederick area from the first half of January 2017.

Frameless Steam Shower in Frederick, MD


Steam shower enclosures require very precise measurements, because the glass needs to be tapered to accommodate the out of level conditions of the ceiling as well as the base. This panel-door-panel steam layout in Frederick, MD had knee walls on either side of the door opening. So we opted for glass-to-glass pivot hinges instead of swing hinges. If we had used swing hinges, we would have needed to use a glass-to-wall hinge at the bottom of the door, drilling into the knee wall. In contrast, these pivot hinges anchor into the shower curb and the ceiling, providing a very clean line of sight. This glass shower enclosure is now steam tight, making the shower experience extra luxurious and refreshing.

Frameless Corner Shower in Walkersville, MD


We do a lot of corner shower enclosures adjacent to soaking tubs, and this is our preferred layout when possible. It helps keep the costs down when we are able to hinge the shower door off of the wet wall (instead of a glass panel) because we can fabricate these units using all 3/8″ glass. We were able to do so on this job in Walkersville, MD. When we have to hinge off of stationary glass (to avoid a door swing conflict with a vanity or toilet, for instance), the stationary glass panels must be 1/2″ thickness instead.


Since so many homes in the area have bathrooms with this layout, it’s smart to invest in a frameless glass shower enclosure. When it comes time to sell your home, it will have a feature that distinguishes it from other homes on the market. Plus, you get to enjoy your investment every single morning in the meantime!

Frameless Corner Shower in Boyds, MD


Not all corner shower enclosures are adjacent to soaking tubs. Some simply meet knee walls at 90-degrees that serve to functionally divide a bathroom space. This one in Boyds, MD, for instance, divides the shower from the toilet, and doubles as a convenient spot for the toilet paper holder. Again, we were able to hinge the shower door off of the wet wall, saving the homeowner money on their new frameless shower enclosure.