Expert Advice: Our Trusted Tile Companies

Choosing tile is the time for your inner interior designer to shine! There’s something special about making a unique interior space that’s all your own. But who do you turn to for options and advice? Who actually installs your dream tile? We often get asked for referrals, and with 30 years in the shower door business, we’ve made some excellent local contacts. Please do let them know that we referred you! But without further blogging ado, here are our most-trusted tile contractors:

Frederick County, Maryland

Epic Kitchen & Bath / Scott Phucas / 301-363-5531

HH Homes / Hank Parater / 240-870-2985

J Grubbs Construction / John Grubb / 301-748-7374

Lighthouse Craftsmen / Pete Ring / 240-315-832

Newell Property Services / Tom Newell / 301-371-0645

PKS Home Improvements / Paul Sager / 301-337-0134

Premier Contracting Services / Tyler Timberlake / 877- 928-7767

Quality First Home Improvement / Dave Farnum / 443-398-1100

Woodsboro Craftsmen / Jeff Crum / 301-304-0945

Carroll, Howard, & Washington Counties, Maryland

Woodsboro Craftsmen / Jeff Crum / 301-304-0945


Montgomery County, Maryland

PKS Home Improvements / Paul Sager / 301-337-0134


Washington, D.C.

Falcon Construction / Kaz Malachowski / 301-294 – 3100


Loudoun County, Virginia

Goode Guy Handyman / Ronnie Goode / 703-431-2754


Berkeley County, West Virginia

Miller’s Residential Creations / Travis Sprouse /  304- 918-0007

Tristate Home Improvements / Chris Hill / 304-240-0646


Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Innovative Kitchen & Flooring Supply / Ryan Stouffer / 717-263-2611


Note: We are not responsible for any mistakes, mix-ups, or mayhem caused by these contractors. Kidding: they’re good people. But please let us know if you have a negative experience that might cause us to retract our recommendation. And definitely get in touch when it’s time to plan for your perfect shower door! In the meantime, follow along on our social media (Facebook and Instagram) for tile and other design inspiration!

Phantom of the Germantown Shower!?

Shower Door of the Week: All-Glass Phantom in Germantown, Maryland

Never fear, that’s just our all-glass Phantom shower door!

Reducing the number and prominence of metal parts has been an industry obsession for years. But 310 Tempering has taken things to a whole new level of frameless glass with Phantom shower doors. This unit debuts a game-changing glass header system that anchors high-end bathrooms without dominating them. When you invest money in eye-catching tile, you want to see it!

These happy customers also opted for low iron glass. That’s another way to make sure your tile isn’t obscured. Iron content gives clear glass a slight green tint. Low iron glass, also known as high definition glass, is more optically clear and gives the shower a noticeable luster.

In other Shower Door Experts news, did you know that we’re on Instagram? You can catch our shower door of the week there every Sunday, but there’s so much more! You can see our good-lookin’ experts (if we do say so ourselves), new coloring sheets to support our local food bank, shower-themed holiday wishes, and more! Yesterday was International Cat Day. We’d love to hear if your cat has any weird shower habits. If you send us a pic (, we might feature it on our Instagram page! Oh, we also definitely want to know if your shower is actually haunted.

Cat bath. Wet cat. Girl washes cat in the bath

Your experts are also quite active on Facebook, and you can always get in touch by phone, text, and email too. We genuinely love to chat about shower design! If you’re keen to get started, you can even start a completely free quote from our website. Hope to hear from you sometime!

Sandblasted Glass Making Waves in Pennsylvania

Shower Door of the Week: Custom Sandblasted Glass in Chambersburg

We were making some summer sandblasted waves in sunny Chambersburg, Pennsylvania! Our friends at Rowland Glass Studios in Thurmont, Maryland did the custom blasting. We always enjoy working with them! Design note: they left the top section of the shower clear to show off that fun sparkly tile. On our end, we think the upgraded curved concerto handle fits really well with this wavy design.

Side note: Expert Emily sees waves, but Expert Noah makes the fair point that you can also stand in the shower and pretend you’re a tiger. Who’s right? Email if you want to weigh in on this debate…

What They’re Saying

Wow, this one really blew up over on our Facebook page! (We’re also on Instagram.)

“Gotta love when two great companies come together on a project and get beautiful results!!”

“Love this, need this”

“Do you give free estimates?”

Yes! Yes we do give free estimates! Get in touch or start a free quote from the website. Somebody also asked us about a full bathroom model, so also know that we can recommend contractors in your area. We work with some terrific and trustworthy people – very much including Rowland Glass Studios! – and are always happy to share our insider knowledge.

Completely Custom 4-Sider in Pennsylvania

Shower Door of the Week: Custom Unit in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

This 4-sided custom shower enclosure is the bee’s knees! Well… two bees, combined. 🐝🐝🚿
This was a fun project. The little alcove has handy – and beautiful – bench seating. We love the idea of a small shower alcove! But because the door meets the adjacent panel at a custom angle, we had to be super precise with our engineering and installation. Thankfully, our technicians hit this one out of the park!

What people said on our Facebook page: “absolutely beautiful,” “beautiful,” “love!”

We continue to follow all safety protocols when we visit your homes. Gotta keep our customers and experts safe! We’re also starting to get visitors in our showroom, which opened back up this month. It is so good to see people again! We really missed having in-person chats about bathroom design. If you can, come on by!

If you’re new to the Shower Door Expert blog (welcome!), our showroom is in Jefferson, Maryland. This project was in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and we get to the southernmost reaches of Pennsylvania fairly often. If you have any questions about our service area (and whether we can scoot outside it for you), please do get in touch – it never hurts to ask!

Our Showroom is Open!

Showroom Reopening

Our showroom is open again! This spring and summer have been, without question, the hardest months of operation for us in our 30 years as a small business. We moved heaven and earth to keep our experts not only employed but fully supported through the coronavirus pandemic. But we wouldn’t have been able to thrive without the support of our amazing customers! We’re infinitely grateful to everyone who trusted us to keep their homes safe. In that spirit, here’s how you can help us keep our showroom safe for you and our expert family…

Safety Teamwork

  1. Everyone will wear a mask – experts and customers – no exceptions
  2. We’ll all maintain a social distancing interval of 6’
  3. At this time we cannot offer a public restroom
  4. We can welcome only one customer/family at a time
  5. For convenience and safety, we have a strong preference for appointments

If you make an appointment we can guarantee a time slot where you’ll be our exclusive VIP! Meeting new people is one of our favorite things about being shower door experts. We get to hear all about your vision, and you get inspired by our displays! We genuinely love to chat about shower design and figure out how to get you the custom glass door of your dreams. Hope to see you sooner-than-soon! Be safe and well, friends.


Best Shower Door Installations, June 2020

Washington, DC + Mt. Airy, MD + Aldie, VA

It’s a 3-for-1 special for this week’s #ShowerDoorSunday! With everything going on the last few months, we took a step back from weekly posts. But with the grand reopening of our showroom, we’re ready to get back into the swing of things.

Frameless Door & Panel in Washington, DC

For alcove shower (i.e., standard wall-to-wall) openings, the frameless shower door & panel is the most popular swing option. For opening widths over 60” homeowners sometimes opt for panel-door-panel configurations instead.

This 60” opening in Washington, DC had a toilet we needed to clear with the door swing, so we went slightly narrower on the door (24” instead of the standard 28” width). The modern ladder pull handle complements the modern hardware fixtures within the shower.

Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure in Mt. Airy, MD

A handsome corner shower enclosure in a handsome bathroom in Mt. Airy, MD! The mixed use of materials in the bathroom space is part of what makes this installation so attractive. Marble floors, granite slab horizontally on the curb and vertically on the outside wall, a river stone shower pan, and gorgeous neutral gray tile within the shower. Even the niche shelves use different materials! And yet it all ties together in a wonderful way.

The use of a knee wall on the left side lets good light into this shower, and we accommodated it with a custom notched panel that extends about 2” to the centerline of the 4” wide granite cap. The homeowner wanted to pick up more towel-hanging real estate in the bathroom, so we installed an elegant through-the-glass towel bar on the inline glass panel beside the shower door.

Frameless 2/3 Neo Angle Shower Door in Aldie, VA

Just another gorgeous shower space! Which obviously makes it easier for our glass shower doors to really shine. The use of river stone for the shower pan and in the vertical panel on the back wall is simply masterful.

This 2/3 neo angle design in Aldie, VA required an angle mount on the shower door hinges since the right wall isn’t squared off at 90-degrees. Fortunately, we’ve been making atypical details like this work for the past three decades, so it didn’t pose a problem. The homeowner preferred glass clamps instead of low-profile u-channel at the base of the stationary glass, which we were happy to accommodate.

Interested in a quote for a new shower door? Our online quote request form makes it a super simple process!

Framed Bypass Sliding Shower Doors in Frederick, MD

Shower Door of the Week: Framed Bypass Sliding Shower Doors in Frederick, Maryland

Framed bypass sliding shower doors are the most affordable option when upgrading from a shower curtain to shower doors. This Lucette bypass system manufactured by Century Bathworks in New Jersey is a high-quality take on this entry-level style of shower doors.

Not only are these units affordable, they are also versatile. Framed shower doors have thinner glass than frameless shower doors: 5/32” or 1/4” glass for framed shower doors versus 3/8” or 1/2” for frameless shower doors. This means they can be mounted on fiberglass surrounds like the one pictured. Frameless shower doors tend to require tiled surfaces with 2×4 backing to support the weight of the shower doors. But since these framed units are so much lighter, we are able to safely install them in prefabbed shower surrounds.

The main difference between framed bypass sliding shower doors and semi-frameless bypass sliding shower doors is the metal framing around the glass panels. Both types of units have metal around the periphery: two wall jambs, a header, and a sliding track/drip rail. But only framed shower door systems have additional metal around each individual glass panel. For some people, that additional metal is a deal breaker. Either way, framed shower doors are way more handsome than a dingy shower curtain!

We’re always happy to talk design – really! – so get in touch if you have questions. You can also get a free quote any old time.

Completely Customized in Clifton, VA

A completely customized shower door is art and science! We often have to use notched panels* to accommodate tub decks, knee walls, and bench seats. (A notched panel a stationary piece of glass shaped like Oklahoma flipped on its panhandle.) All in a day’s work! But with these corner shower doors in Clifton, Virginia we needed a panel to fit a remarkably tall vanity! There was even a slight lip, or overhang, on the vanity’s marble top. We needed to grind that out for a seamless u-channel fit. So this was a very custom shower door indeed! We’re quite proud of the outcome.

We used glass-to-glass pivot hinges at the very top and bottom of the shower door so that the three wall clamps and two corner clamps were the only hardware breaking up the horizontal line of sight. Pivot hinges distribute the weight of the shower door downward towards the curb, making it easier to hinge the door off of a glass panel instead of a tiled wall.

The brushed nickel hardware on this project ties in well with the earthy gray tones of the accent tile, as well as the gray streaks in the white marble. Overall, it’s a fantastic design completely customized for this space.

Grid Shower Door in Matte Black

Shower Door of the Week: Matte Black Grid Shower Door in Kensington, MD

This grid shower door we recently installed in Kensington, Maryland is doubly on trend! Grid showers and matte black are both having a moment, and we love it.

The doors we install are actually from the second generation of the grid shower door movement. Coastal Industries first released their Gridscape units a few years back. They opted for small rectangular panes of glass welded together with metal framing, and the look was an immediate hit! Especially in urban areas with uber-contemporary design trends, these units sold like hotcakes.

But they were ghastly expensive! And other manufacturers found better, less expensive ways to accomplish the same look. We source ours from Century Bathworks in New Jersey. By using a single piece of glass with thin grid framing adhered to it, Century is able to provide this trendy matte black look at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Matte black hardware is, in general, also having a moment. Perhaps it’s because oil rubbed bronze finishes run the gamut from super dark to super light? And it’s easier to pair black with black versus two different oil rubbed bronze finishes from two different manufacturers? Whatever the case, we’re officially on board!

If you’re interested in this trend, get in touch! We’re happy to start chatting about what would work for your unique shower space. You can also get the ball rolling with a free quote.

Frameless in Charles Town

Shower Door of the Week: Frameless Glass in Charles Town, West Virginia

Full disclosure: this shower door unit is actually located right outside of Charles Town, in Kearneysville, West Virginia. But we’ve been picking up more and more business around Charles Town and in the Eastern Panhandle. You’ll find us in Ranson, Shepherdstown, Martinsburg, and Inwood. Say hello if you see our van or memorable t-shirts!

This frameless glass shower door and panel represents many of the unit types we find in this area. We do see our fair share of tub doors and corner shower doors as well. But more often than not, we’re installing fairly standard frameless doors like this one.

This panhandle homeowner had recently renovated the bathroom. By positioning their shower seat in the corner instead of on the front plane, they saved themselves some money on their shower doors. Smart! When a bench seat extends all the way to the shower curb, we have to cut out the glass panel to accommodate it, which increases the price by a couple hundred dollars. So get in touch before you start your project if you want some expert advice on design! We love chatting about projects and can get you a free quote early in the process.

Ultimately, we were able to hinge off the right wall with standard duty glass-to-wall hinges and secure the stationary inline glass panel with a single 2” x  2” clamp at the top left of the panel. We positioned the top hinge and this corresponding clamp each 8” down from the top of the shower doors for symmetry. Frameless shower door and panel systems like this one are a handsome way to get custom glass shower doors at an affordable price!

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